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Turned down by Flipkart, IITian ‘sells’ himself on their site; now flooded with job offers

IITian Akash Mittal may not have measured up to the expectations of Flipkart, but the product listing-like presentation of his resume on the e-commerce platform has made many startups sit up, take notice, and flood him with concrete job offers.

The unorthodox style pitchforked the 23-year-old Delhi man into limelight last week after he uploaded a screenshot of his profile on the Flipkart website, just like any other product listing, and it went viral on the social media.

Pursuing the final semester of his five-year integrated ocean engineering programme at IIT Kharagpur, Mittal is now examining all the offers before him, which include one of chief technology officer. This innovative idea of resume presentation was born after Flipkart came calling to the campus for recruitment. Like most of the 1,500 applicants, Mittal did not make the cut. “Being a six-pointer [his grade point average], I knew I will never get through. So, I tried something innovative,” he told PTI while explaining the chain of events that led to the listing-like uploading of the resume.

“I then made a screenshot of a Flipkart listing page with information about myself on Photoshop and uploaded it on the website’s career page,” he said. “After this thing went viral, I have received a number of offers, including that of chief product manager and chief technology officer. I am studying the offers and will pick up the best one after my course ends at IIT.”

While Flipkart declined to comment on the matter, Mittal said he expects the e-commerce major to at least ‘appreciate his efforts’, but has not received any call so far. — PTI

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