Ishrat Jahan case: Satish Verma denies ‘physical torture’ charge by RVS Mani

New Delhi: Former SIT chief, Satish Verma, who investigated Ishrat Jahan’s alleged fake encounter, denied allegations laid by R V S Mani, who had filed affidavits in the Gujarat High Court in the case on behalf of the Union Home Ministry, that he had tortured him by burning him with cigarette butts.

Ishrat Jahan case: Satish Verma denies 'physical torture' charge by RVS Mani

“During CBI investigation, such a thing never takes place. Suppose if I did that, its a misconduct and crime. He must be knowing that he could have initiated legal proceedings against me,” Verma said.

“RVS Mani’s motive is something else, he wants to weaken the case. He wants to divert attention from Chargesheets pending in courts, his purpose is to portray evidence wrong.”

“People are coming in support, former home Secretary as well but only saying does not prove anything. Things in the first affidavit were written as if RVS Mani was the investigating officer. He had written more than desired in first affidavit and if it was changed in the second affidavit, it was rightly changed,” he added.

The 1986-batch Gujarat cadre IPS officer also disputed the description of Ishrat as a LeT terrorist and a suicide bomber.

“One needs to show evidences proving that Ishrat’s movements were like a terrorist’s.There was no such fact presented in investigation, he said.