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‘Having a healthy mind and body is most important, says Karan Patel

To me fitness has always meant being healthy. You could be big or small, having a healthy mind and body is most important. Since I shoot everyday for long hours I’ve got a gym in my van. I do cardio as that’s a great way of burning fat and I do weights for toning. On the days I don’t work out I just try and eat healthy. Healthy mind, healthy diet and positive thinking are my three mantras in life.

Women or men, it’s important to be fit. Biologically it maybe more important for women, but otherwise staying fit should be a habit, and something one can never do without.

Apart from being fit, as actors we need to be a little lean as camera puts on pounds. As for adapting my physique to the roles, I don’t need to do it unless the role demands it.

I like swimming and outdoor activities like cycling, trekking and rock climbing as they are refreshing and fun, and at the same time keep my weight under check. I haven’t taken part in a marathon lately, but I remember I had participated twice when I was in school.

Dna Women’s Half Marathon has been an annual event and I salute all those who support this either by participating in it or flagging off the marathon. Kudos!

Here I would like to tell men that they should respect women every single day and not single out days to respect her. A woman does so much for us as a mother, wife and friend – we can do a little for her every day. Show her that we love and care. Helping her doing household chores doesn’t make us less of a man. On my part, I try and make tea at times – it turns out be awful, but at least I try (smiles). Women nurture us, give birth to us, let’s show them we love them and care as much if not more.

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