Virtuali-Tee: A cool Kickstarter project that simulates a live X-Ray of the person in front of you

Here’s a particularly awesome Kickstarter project–a team of people in Britain is aiming to launch a product known as Virtuali-Tee, with the aim to use experience and immersion to revolutionize the way human anatomy is taught.

It consists of a T-shirt with a large printed bar code on the front and an accompanying app. A person acts as the subject by wearing the t-shirt while another fires up the app on their smartphone. Using features that are found in many Augmented Reality (AR) applications, the smartphone-based app acts as a ‘looking glass’ that renders a real-time display of the part of the wearer’s internal anatomy being pointed at.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as mobile VR systems such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, the application even depicts real-time animation of innards such as the beating heart, the cardiovascular system etc. The app also contains facts about various organs and biological systems and a 360 VR experience into the anatomy of the heart, bloodstream and stomach.

The Kickstarter project is aiming to raise GBP 70,000 (approx. Rs 65,88,165.) At the time of writing this about a tenth of this amount has already been raised, with 29 days to go.