Rahul Gandhi Trying To Mislead Parliament: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

NEW DELHI: Minutes after Rahul Gandhi ended a speech in the Lok Sabha attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi on several issues, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has alleged that the Congress vice-president misled Parliament on one of them – the Naga peace accord.

Rahul Gandhi Trying To Mislead Parliament, Says Home Minister Rajnath Singh

“Shri Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Naga Peace accord in Lok Sabha today is completely false and baseless…I had several rounds of consultations with the PM on Naga peace process. I strongly condemn Shri Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to mislead the House,” tweeted Mr Singh, who was not in the lower house when Mr Gandhi spoke.

“Bye bye, accord,” Mr Gandhi said derisively, alleging that the Modi government has failed to follow up on the peace process that it announced last year amid much hype.

He also said, “The Prime Minister said he had solved the Nagaland crisis…According to the media even the Home Minister had no idea about it. Fascinating.”

Rahul Gandhi said that the government had failed to follow up on the peace accord.

To protests from the BJP benches Mr Gandhi said, “I am asking a straight forward question. Did the Home Minister know about the accord? Did the Naga Chief Minister know about it? Most importantly, where is the accord? Gone with the wind.”

Prime Minister Modi had in August last year announced a peace accord with the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland IM faction, an armed rebel group, paving the way to end the country’s oldest insurgency.

At a ceremony to honour a Naga leader a few days later, the PM had acknowledged the role of previous governments in the peace process. “Every government tried doing something in this regard, some efforts succeeded, some did not. The process went on, and no government should take credit for it as every one of them contributed its bit and this resulted in successful talks with them (NSCN-IM),” he said, adding that the he hoped the new pact “would give good results.”