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Chennai, the place for foodies and beach lovers!

Chennai: If you love good food and beaches, Chennai is the place for you. Located in the east cost of the Indian peninsular India off the Bay of Bengal, the city has population of 4.8 million that comprise of Tamils and Telugus, Parsis, Marwari’s, Malayalees, Kannadigas, Anglo-Indians, North Indians etc.  This multi-ethnic disposition has had a definitiveinfluence on the taste-bud of the people in the city. Chennaites have an appetite for traditional food and snacks to dishes from varied part of India and the world. So, whether you reside in Chennai or visiting the place, here are the top gastronomical delights you cannot miss.

1. Filter Coffee


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Chennaites take their filter coffee very seriously. The rest of the world may be moving towards instant coffee, but in Chennai every house has a filter coffee maker. Frothy and bitter-sweet filter coffee is served in traditional steel tumblers or dabarha. Filter coffee is on the menu of most restaurants, five star hotels and tea stalls across the city.

2. Chettinad Thali


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Chettinad food is perhaps the most aromatic cuisine from the coastline of India. Chettinad style of cooking was developed Chettiar people, who travelled to East Asia for trade in the past. With them they brought eastern influences to their cooking. The Cuisine will leave both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians equally satisfied. Some popular chettinad vegetarian dishes include diyappampaniyaram, vellaipaniyaram, karuppattipaniyaram, paalpaniyaram, kuzhipaniyaram, kozhakattai,masalapaniyaram, adikoozh, kandharappam, seeyam, masala seeyam, kavuniarisi & athirasam. Non-veg preparation includes prawrn, crabs, fish, chicken and mutton.



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“MurugunKadaiIdli” is not a title of a movie; it is actually a pretty tasty, vegetariandish made from a mix of rice flour and urad dal. MurugunIdli’s are super soft and served with assortment of chutneys and samabar. It is an ideal breakfast dish, but can also be consumed as a snack. MurugunIdli Shop is one of the oldest tiffin center and restaurant in Chennai. It has over a dozen outlets across Chennai that services authentic, vegetarian south Indian dishes.  If you a young professional, living alone in a rental house in Chennai, you can visit the place for a good, pocket friendly and healthy meal.

3. Fruit Juices and Shakes


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Chennaites are also big fans of fruit juices and shakes. The city is bustling with a number of fruit juice centre in every corner and junction. If you are in a hurry and want a quick fill, tryout the Anbazagan Fruit Juice & Ice Cream Palour at T. Nagar or Fruit Shop on Greams Road at Gream Road Chennai. Both places are popular destination for students and young people; it is easily recognizable and offers a wide range of fresh fruit juices and shakes.

4. Fresh Sea food on the beach


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Munching on some decadent food, staring at the open ocean is a dream sequence right outside of a Nigella Lawson cooking show. Well this is no exaggeration as the food options available at Chennai beaches are nothing short of that.  If you visit popular beaches in Chennai – Marena and Elliot, you will come across serial snackers eating fried fishes, prawns, shrimps, bhajiis served with spiced, chutney and sauce. The food is of high on quality (thanks to fresh catch everyday), pocket friendly (although not all that cholesterol friendly) that you won’t mind indulging once in a while.

Talking about beaches brings us to the next section of the article, “beaches in the city of Chennai”.  Chennai is the only Metropolis in the country which is right next to a shore.  In many ways the cities beaches are its pulse and visited by young lovers, students, office going people, elderly and the children.  Here the list of beaches in Chennai that you would like to visit.

5. Marina Beach


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Probably the best known place in Chennai, Marina Beach is the longest Beach in India spanning over a stretch of 13 kms.  It is right next to a residential area, where a number of rental houses in Chennai are available.  It may not be the cleanest beach to visit, but if you want a quick outing on a casual evening, Marina Beach is a good choice.

6. Elliot Beach


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Elliot Beach is actually the end point of Marina beach. It is closer to the Besant Nagar and is the cleanest beach in the city. It is popular with locals and tourists.

7. Mahabalipuram


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Mahabalipuram is situated 60kms south of Chennai. Although not in the heart of the city, it is one of favorite tourist destination in the state of Tamil Nadu.  If you are visiting Chennai, take out time from your schedule to visit Mahabalipuram to enjoy the majestic coast of the Bay of Bengal and white sand and pure bliss.

8. Covelong Beach


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Located 40 kms away from the city of Chennai, Covelong is a small fishing village located on the East Coast road.  The beach is famous for wind surfing and fishing related activities.

“It’s the sweet and simple things in life which are the real ones after all”- a food lover who likes to visit new places and try out new cuisine each day couldn’t agree more with this statement.  Chennai will give you enough opportunities to try something new each day. Whether it is a simple meal right from side of a pavement to an exotic spread from the dining hall of a five star hotel, Chennai offers it all. As for the beaches, each one have its own story and experience that awaits just for you.

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