Hasnain went from room to room slitting throats: cops

he Thane police are working through the clues to find a motive behind the murders of 14 members of a family. On Monday, they reconstructed the sequence of events that took place inside Warekar Manzil. They found that the accused, Hasnain Warekar, walked from room to room slitting throats while his family slept.

Hasnain is accused of having murdering his family, before killing himself on Sunday morning. Only his younger sister Subiya survived the massacre, and she currently in the hospital in a state of severe shock.

The weapon used by Hasnain Warekar to kill his family members—Photo: Kistu Fernandes

Police officials said they tried to reconstruct the events of the morning based on the injuries on the bodies of the victims, and the state that the bodies were found in. They are also looking into Hasnain’s experience in using the knife.

“With the exception of Hasnain’s father Anwar, all the others died from a single, deep cut in their throats,” said JCP Ashutosh Dumbare, Thane police. “Only Anwar and Subiya have defensive wounds on their fingers, which indicates that the others did not get a chance to even defend themselves. The state of the bodies also indicate that Hasnain started from the first floor and then came down to the ground floor, killing each of his victims as he advanced.”

Inquiries among Hasnain’s friends and neighbours also revealed that Hasnain was experienced in using a knife, as he would himself use it for qurbaani during Eid, and would also do it for others whenever they needed it done.

Investigations have also revealed that he had not been going to work for the last two to three months.

“Hasnain used to work in a private firm in Mulund earlier, and then in a company in Navi Mumbai. However, for the past two to three months, he was either unemployed or working from home. We are still finding out more,” Mr Dumbare added.

The police are also making inquiries at the Pardesi Baba Dargah in Thane, where Hasnain was a regular visitor, and where his father was a trustee, finding out who he met and regularly interacted with during his visits there.

“His former employers told us that he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. No one in the locality has anything to say that indicates otherwise,” said Mr Dumbare. Hasnain’s laptop and cellphone have been sent for forensic analysis.