Standard Chartered organises the first physical, social and virtual marathon

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is Asia’s largest marathon that brings over 40,000 people to run for a reason. Taking the participation level a notch higher, SCMM this year also sought involvement from people who have never had the experience of running a marathon before.

In a first, the 2016 ‘Run For A Reason’ campaign offered a 360 degree digital effort. It aimed at bringing a personal touch to the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon’s mass connection. Talking about firsts, this is also the world’s first Twitter Run and comprised of digital films, engaging social content, AMAs with fitness advocate, Gul Panag, radio spots and a virtual run. All this was led by ibs.Abhishake Das, Executive Creative Director, ibs, said, “It was a pleasure working on such an iconic and culturally rich project. Especially with a forward thinking brand like Standard Chartered, who insisted on a digital first campaign this year. SCMM 2016 was conceived from the very beginning as an experience, rather than just a communication piece. Marathons are places where stories are born; stories of heroic efforts, and the triumph of the human spirit. So we celebrated it through engaging content and immersive tech experiences.”

An immersive video embedded into an interactive virtual environment made SCMM’s first virtual run possible, which came to life on the head mounted display of Gear VR, designed by Oculus Rift. A glimpse of the Virtual Run marathon was given to over 1000 people when it made its second appearance at the 3-day SCMM Trade expo”This year as part of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, we wanted to do something beyond the usual, where we could give a taste of what it is like to be a part of the SCMM even if you aren’t a part of the actual marathon itself. Using the new and upcoming 360 video technology to shoot some of actual locations of the marathon route, we created a first-of- its-kind immersive experience, aimed at bringing the Marathon to those who may not be able to physically participate on the race day,” said Lakshmi Goyal, Head, Brand & Marketing, Standard Chartered India.

The SCMM Twitter Run debuted under the first socially run marathon category on race day. It enabled the Tweeple run for 42 km on the social platform, participating through the help of their twitter characters.This massive coup was successfully achieved by Twitter with a timing of 7 hours, 22 minutes and 28 seconds. Each participant was gratified with a personalised certificate for their contribution.

Girls studying in municipality schools could experience the first marathon of their lives, all thanks to SCMM Virtual Run, organized by Standard Chartered, in association with WASHE (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Education).We reached out to the most avid runners, and the underprivileged with the same idea – make everyone a part of this magical run, through design, films, and radio and VR experiences. And for those who weren’t able to attend the marathon physically, there was the world’s 1st Twitter Run, where users could run the whole of 42 km on Twitter. We received almost 29 million impressions on that run alone. The reception has truly been overwhelming. But nothing beats the look on a 9-year old’s face when she is introduced to virtual reality. That makes everything worth it.” added Abhishake Das.