Kumar Vishwas praises for RSS and Saffron Brigade over Congress: Muslim Community Reaction

New Delhi, 6 April-2014(MM): Once again the real face of AAP leader Kumar Vishwas had been exposed. In past Kumar Vishwas had accepted his association with RRS.On Saturday during an interview to ABP news, Kumar Vishwas said if it came to choosing between Congress and BJP, he would prefer the latter. He further said that he had voted for the BJP five years ago and praised RSS for its discipline. He even said India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had recognized Sangh’s patriotism by inviting them to participate in the Republic Day parade after the war with China, and Sangh volunteers were recruited for manning traffic in Delhi during the 1965 war.

Kumar Vishwas praises for RSS and Saffron Brigade over Congress: Muslim Community Reaction


The AAP leader, who is facing a tough electoral battle against Congress’ Rahul Gandhi and BJP’s Smriti Irani, was responding to a question on AAP being accused of being “urban naxals”.
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“Referring to us as ‘urban naxals’ is like calling the Sangh communal. It is the work of dissatisfied Congressmen,” he said.
Although AAP sought to distance itself from Kumar Vishwas’s statement and offered no comment but members of Muslim community had condemned Kumar’s comment strongly and demanded his removal from AAP immediately. Speaking to Muslim Mirror , Amanatullah Khan , a local leader of APP has demanded action against Kumar Vishwas from the party. He further said that ‘it is the personal view of Kumar Vishwas , AAP’s stand is clear on BJP and Congress. We are against both’.

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Fakhrul Islam, a social activist said ‘the comment of Kumar Vishwas is very harmful to AAP, Kumar is a RSS mole in AAP, and AAP must get rid of such elements if it wants to be accepted among Muslim community and the membership of Kumar Vishwas must be suspended and he must be removed from AAP immediately . ‘

Anzarul Haque (Guddu) a local leader and a supporter of AAP has also criticized the comment of Kumar Vishwas and said ‘I am not surprised at his comment.since Kumar had been associated with Sangh, so he was a communal minded and he is still the same , nothing changed in him’. [ Input source : MM ]