Singularity University picks Mumbai for their first summit in Asia

Singularity University’s goal is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies towards solving humanity’s grand challenges. The organization is uniquely suited to be able to do that by having people on their team that have managed to do exactly that. With some of humanity’s forerunners like Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, the organisation is uniquely equipped to be able to impart transformative knowledge. After three years of persistence, Lakshmi Pratury with her INK team was able to get Singularity University to hold their first summit in the continent here.

SingularityU India Summit was a two-day conference held in Mumbai over the weekend, to help local leaders understand how to utilize exponential technologies and prepare for tomorrow. Thought leaders from around the continent flocked in to gain an understanding of the concepts of moonshots, exponential technologies and leapfrogging. Key decision makers from both government and Indian corporations were present to learn how to create positive change and economic growth simultaneously in their region.

“India is a place of twin realities: sophisticated technological innovation and promise on one hand and large-scale humanitarian needs on the other. The Summit showcased the most progressive thinking so that together we can forge technological solutions to development challenges and deliver real impact on the ground.” Lakshmi added.

“India is a vital global market and leader in the development of technological achievement that delivers impact and change – a perfect host country for a SingularityU Summit,” said Rob Nail, Singularity University CEO & Associate Founder.

“This platform is the best for companies like mine that are deeply intertwined with technology in terms of nanotech and BOHECO Innovation labs. It’s great to have thought leaders from the world come into our city and immerse themselves in discussion with large Indian corporations and young startups like mine. Large Indian companies need to become agile, you need to be able to start from scratch. The conference showed how to look at the future ten years and twenty years from today and how to get ready for it. What we only need to do now is get more interaction with Singularity University and move from legacy to exponential so that we can continue to stay relevant as a country in the future.” Said Sanvar Oberoi Co-Founder & Director, Bombay Hemp Company Pvt Ltd

Rajarshi Sengupta, Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte India, added, “Deloitte is a strategic partner with SU and a principal sponsor of many of its programs. Deloitte works with SU to jointly deliver corporate service offerings that explore the impact of exponential technologies, identifying implications and opportunities and helping to build the innovation discipline within companies. Deloitte is pleased to have supported the first SingularityU Summit in India.”