Security audit done at Tiruchi Junction

Amid rise in the number of passengers at Tiruchi Railway Junction, a security audit was carried out jointly by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Security Branch CID of the Tamil Nadu State Police to study the existing security system at the station and plug the loopholes.

An Intelligence Bureau officer performing security audit at Tiruchi Junction on Thursday accompanied by officers of the Railway Protection Force, the Government Railway Police, and the Tiruchi City Police.— PHOTO: B. VELANKANNI RAJ

During the exercise which went on for several hours, a team of officers from the IB and the Security Branch CID inspected the entire railway station area. The team was accompanied by officers of the Railway Protection Force, vested with the responsibility of escorting passengers besides guarding railway property and passenger area and providing access control, the Government Railway Police, the city police, and those from the Tiruchi Railway Division.

A senior IB officer in the rank of Assistant Director and a Deputy Superintendent of Police from the Security Branch CID conducted the security audit, said to be the first such exercise in Tiruchi Railway Junction.

The officers inspected the main entry and the second entry from the Kallukuzhi side, platforms, car parking area, reservation centre, RRI cabin, cash guard section, control room, and waiting room in the station, security sources told The Hindu . The existing security measures in place at Tiruchi Junction – a major station in the Southern Railway zone — and the functioning of the equipment was ascertained by the team during the course of their inspection.

Tiruchi is one of the select stations where the hi-tech Integrated Security Scheme (ISS) had been put in place by deployment of advanced security gadgets, including a chain of surveillance cameras and baggage scanners.

The security audit was carried out apparently on the request from the Inspector-General-cum-Chief Security Commissioner RPF, the sources said. The audit was carried out in the wake of steady rise in the number of passengers arriving at Tiruchi Junction over the years, a senior official said.

The objective of the exercise was to find out the loopholes and suggest steps to plug them and suggest measures to enhance security at the station, the sources said.

The arrival of commuters peaks at night at Tiruchi Junction when several trains pass through the station as well as in the morning hours. Advanced security gadgets were put in place under the ISS at Tiruchi Junction a few years ago to fortify security and ensure safety for travellers.

In addition to providing escort on board long distance express trains, the RPF and the Government Railway Police maintain security at the station. Post audit, the team would submit a report to the higher authorities with their suggestions.