Ram Jethmalani offers legal help in AMU case

NEW DELHI: Eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani has offered his help to fight the case in the Supreme Court for restoration of the minority character of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), according to university officials on Thursday.

Mr. Jethmalani had offered his services while releasing a book on “AMU’s Minority Character, A comprehensive study, Volume-1” at his residence early this week.

While releasing the book, the veteran lawyer criticised the stand taken by the Narendra Modi government in the Supreme Court opposing the minority character of the AMU.

“It is disgraceful for the nation. There was no doubt that the AMU is a minority institution. The granting of the legal status of a university in 1920 had in no way diluted its main character, that it was established by Muslims and for Muslims of India,” Mr. Jethmalani added.

Voice of Humanity, a group of public intellectuals and activists, has planned a seminar on “Recognition of AMU as a minority institution” on February 27 at the Indian Law Institute. Mr. Jethmalani will be the chief guest at the seminar which will be presided over by the former Chief Justice of India, A.M. Ahmadi.

According to Bahar U. Barqi, president of Voice of Humanity, Mr. Jethmalani also promised that he would move a private member Bill in the Rajya Sabha to safeguard the autonomy, and the historical and minority character of the AMU.

The case regarding the minority character of AMU is scheduled to be heard in the apex court on April 4.