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China concerned over US missiles in South Korea

Beijing has expressed concern over the possible deployment of an American missile system in South Korea, saying it could jeopardize China’s national security.

China concerned over US missiles in South Korea
According to the reports, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday that his country remained committed to working with the US and other states to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula, adding that he hoped the UN would agree on a resolution criticizing North Korea for its January nuclear test.
Wang, however, said that China remained concerned that the X-band radar to be deployed with the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system could jeopardize his country’s “legitimate national security interests” as it had a range that extended far beyond the Korean peninsula into the interior of China.
He said that the US needed to address the concerns raised by China about the system’s capabilities.
“We believe that China’s legitimate security concerns must be taken into account,” Wang said. “An explanation must be provided to China.”

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