Rahul Gandhi Cancels Meeting At Niyamgiri

Rahul Gandhi Cancels Meeting At Niyamgiri

Odisha, February 7, Abhijit Saha: Rahul Gandhi changed his plan of meeting near Niyamgiri hill of Odisha due to security arrangement issues at southern and western part of the state said congress sources. The Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) leader busy in arranging six rallies for Rahul starting 9th February is now arranging for a road show and a meeting with students of a local University which is fixed by cancelling the meeting at Bisam Katak near Niyamgiri hill.

PCC President Jaydev Jena said that this is a regular meeting of Rahul with students and common people and the other meetings in stronghold areas of congress would be held later on.

Rahul Gandhi said that in their new plan they would travel by road on 9th February to Bhatapada village near Cuttack for a public meeting. Road shows would also be arranged there. Then next day at Bhubaneswar he will talk with the party leaders, students and minority groups members.

Earlier Rahul came at Niyamagiri Hill area for a meeting three and a half years back when he said he was a sepoy of Dongria Tribes in New Delhi and that he would do his best to stop mining proposal by Odisha Mining Corporation for supplying bauxite to Vedanta alumina Refinery.

Citing a referendum against mining, the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) scrapped mining proposal of OMC at Niyamgiri as per orders from Supreme Court in August last year.

On this the BJD said that the centre is not willing to industrialize a poor state like Odisha whereas congress is expressing this decision as victory of the tribals. Besides, the congress is also in doubt that if Rahul would visit Niyamgiri to take credit of his efforts towards cancellation of OMC’s mining proposal, then BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi may take the chance of naming congress as an anti-development party visiting Odisha on 11th February.

Congress sources say that they do not wish to show Rahul as a young leader who opposed development and would stick to his image of youth icon.