Beaches, parties and liveliness: Goa

Panajim(sterlingholidays): Regarded as the beach capital of India, Goa is the most undisputable tourist attraction in the country. Lined with several beaches along its coast, Goa is known mostly for the innumerable parties it hosts. All round the year, vacationers from India and abroad pack their bags and head to Goa to experience the vivaciousness, exhilaration and liveliness the state has to offer.

Sit on the pristine white sand beaches, bathing in the sun and the cool and crisp sea breeze reinvigorating the soul in you; watch the expanse of the Arabian Sea stretching till the eyes can see, the sound of the ocean peaceful and soul stirring; relish the delectable Goan cuisine, with a wide array of seafood – a speciality in the state – and other mouth watering delicacies, a definite treat for foodies; and dance to the tunes of electronic and trance music, partying all night long. The state also houses architecture, influenced largely by the Portuguese; the same that can be seen from the numerous churches and other architectural marvels. Wikipedia notes that UNESCO has declared the Churches and Convents of Goa as a World Heritage Site.

Places to visit

Goa houses several landmarks and sites that every traveller must visit.

The center of focus in terms of Goa’s majestic architecture is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the construction of the site lasted for 11 years; as is reflected by meticulous and awe-inspiring appearance of the architecture. The basilica houses the preserved remains of St. Francis Xavier. One of the most known tourist attractions, it is visited by numerous vacationers throughout the year.

The Chapora Fort is another significant piece of history that attracts several travellers. Overlooking the vibrant Vagator beach, the fort offers an exquisite view of the sweeping expanse of water spread out like a three dimensional carpet. History says that the fort was built to fortify the land against the Portuguese who were, during that time, looking to invade the country.

If you’re looking to explore Goa’s beaches – which should be one of topmost item in one’s bucket list – the first spot should be Baga Beach. Known primarily for its nightlife, parties and delicious cuisine the numerous restaurants lined up along the coast serve, it is what highlights the liveliness of Goa.

Goa beach resorts offer a lovely experience to its travellers. Comfortable stays are guaranteed, as several hotels, villas and accommodations are available along the beaches and provide a wealth of amenities and activities for their guests.


Goa’s temperature remains more or less constant throughout the year, which is one of its best selling points. A moderately cool climate, ranging from 24 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius, allows travellers to enjoy a steady weather. However, one should note that the summers can get a wee bit hot, with mercury levels reaching 33 degrees Celsius. The monsoons bring a breath of freshness into the state – Goa Tourism notes that the state is at its most beautiful during this time.

How to reach

One can reach Goa by air, rail or bus.

The closest airport is Dabolim, situated roughly 30 kilometers from the capital, Panji. Goa enjoys excellent connectivity with several cities across the country. For those taking the train, the closest railhead is located in Margao. Trains from several parts of the country arrive here. Goa can also be reached by road, with several state and privately owned buses plying between nearby cities and towns. Cab services are also available.