Best practices to successfully host a corporate event

Bangalore: Planning corporate events requires a lot of hard work and months of meticulous planning. Establishing best practices for corporate event planning helps event managers maximize the deliverables for each type of event be it product launches, seminars, conferences, fundraising etc

These are a few best practices for corporate event planning:

  • Start planning well in advance. Setting a date for the event is the first milestone in planning. Think about the target audience/attendees and their convenience when setting the date and time of the event. This step will help you get an idea of how many guests you should expect and accordingly set your budget.
  • Determine the objective of the event. Decide what is the outcome you expect from the event, and also identify what your attendees are set to gain from the event. The event management companies in Bangalore set the theme of the event on the basis of the objective.
  • Send out ‘Save the Date’ notifications early enough. Go digital if you like. There are several online tools that help you invite your guests and manage the registrations with ease.
  • Send out personalized invitations to your guests and make sure that the invite is aptly crafted for mobile screens for ardent cell phone users. Send brief descriptions of your event in your invite for the guests to comprehend the motive of the event.
  • Keep your guests updated. Create a campaign to promote your event on the various social media channels and reach out to the right clientèle. Make sure your event page has a landing page that furnishes all the essential details your guests need to know. Drop in creative reminders for your guests.
  • After the event is over, measure the success of the event. Follow-up on the attendees, send them post event newsletters, thank you notes, photographs of the event and also request for their feedback.

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