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Telugu film Industry at a loss so far this year

Hyderabad, April 05, Munawar Sultana: The Telugu film industry also know as Tollywood has failed to give good movies in the first quarter of the year.

 Mahesh Babu

It has resulted in 100 crore loss for the film industry. Previously it faced issue because of agitating Telangana and Seemandhra, but this year it is movie making which is not giving good movies.

Since January, the industry saw 50 movies released and not making good business. They were just couple of movies which were hot at box office, rest all were flops.

Much awaited big star movies Mahesh Babu’s “1” and Allu Arjun and Ram Charan Tej starrer “Yevadu”, these two were big budget films and they also couldn’t make profit.

Mahesh Babu’s “1” was a  10 crore budget film.

Bheemavaram Bullodo and Heart Attack are the only two films which made good business.

Single screen theatres are a worse hit due to the loss. Couple of years ago, there were 3,500 single screen theatres in Andhra Pradesh, but now it’s just 1,800. The theaters had their shutters down because they were unable to pay their electricity bills and pay their employees.

The Multiplexes in state are dependent on other language film like Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam for their business.

With no big movies and good scripts around in near future, the Multiplexes, Single screen theatres and even producers are to face loss.

The only way to escape this situation is to make good movies with limited budgets.

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