I’m being targeted over Dalit identity, says JNU student Rama Naga

DELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student Rama Naga, who is among those named in a sedition case for allegedly shouting anti-national slogans in the university and is wanted by the Delhi Police, said he was also being targeted over his Dalit identity.

“The issue of slogans on February 9 is merely a pretext. It is not just ‘Afzal ki baat’ but ‘Ambedkar ki baat’ too are being met with sedition charges,” Naga said on Monday.

“We know that in Gwalior on Sunday, JNU Prof. Vivek Kumar was fired upon and copies of the Constitution were burnt when he was addressing a talk on Ambedkar,” he added.

Naga, along with Umar Khalid, Anant Prakash, Ashutosh Kumar and Anirban Bhattacharya, returned to the JNU campus on Sunday night.

Umar, upon his return to the campus, said that he came back after hearing about the threats that his sisters were receiving. “I feel I am being targeted for my Muslim identity. People were giving all kinds of threats to my sisters in my absence, so I thought it was just best to return to the campus.”

The other students also added that returned to the campus after hearing the negative information about them, through various social media posts and media reports.

“We as JNUSU Office Bearers are committed to defend freedom of expression of students and will fight criminalisation of dissent. We are the ones fighting against Bharat ki barbadi at the hands of communal and corporate fascism,” a statement released by the JNU student’s union said.