Don’t need lessons from RSS, BJP on patriotism, is this perfect statement by Congress VP?

New Delhi: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said he did not need lessons on patriotism from RSS and BJP, which have accused him of supporting “anti-nationals” over the JNU row.

“I don’t need to take lesson from BJP and RSS…. Rastrabhakti mere khoon me hai (Patriotism is in my blood),” Rahul said when asked about his support to JNU students and the protests by BJP.

“A situation has come in the country where attempts are being made to suppress all voices of dissent,” he added.
Interacting with farmers at Salon, which lies in his Amethi constituency, Rahul said, “Prices of pulses have gone up for the first time. The (BJP) government has failed to fulfill its promises. He (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) should give Rs 15 lakh to each farmer or leave”.

“I will raise the issues pertaining to farmers in Parliament,” he said accusing the Modi government of not delivering on the poll promises.
Rahul on Thursday dubbed the JNU row and Patiala House court violence as a “blot” on India’s image and sought President Pranab Mukherjee’s intervention for immediate action to “check the state of lawlessness and subversion of democratic rights”.

“It is not the government’s job to destroy our educational institutions and crush expression of all students. Across the country, RSS is trying to impose a flawed ideology on the students of this country,” he told reporters in Delhi.
He also launched a counter attack on the BJP for its “anti-national” dig at him, asserting that “nationalism is in my blood. I have seen my family sacrifice again and again and again for this nation.”

The Congress on Friday hit out at the RSS for trying to “camouflage their bigoted ideology as nationalism”.
“The RSS is now trying to project its bigoted ideology and it is camouflaging this bigoted ideology as ‘nationalism’… trying to pass off their fake view of India as ‘nationalism’ and they are doing it through repression and coercion,” said senior Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.
“The Indian National Congress is deeply concerned that outfits like RSS, Sangh Parivar and ABVP are trying to fit their square ideology into the circular democratic tradition of this country. In other words, they are trying to achieve a misfit,” he added.
Singhvi said his party was “in the first line of condemnation of anti-national activities”.
“We are not here to give justifications, defences and certificates… we stand rock solid on issues of ‘nationalism’ but we also stand equally rock solid against the bogey of ‘nationalism’ and when that bogey is used to repress students to carry on campaigns to infiltrate the RSS and ABVP ideology into our institutions, we will rise and speak up because we think it is utterly unacceptable to the idea of India,” he added.