Afghan civilian casualties at record high in 2015: UN

The United Nations says Afghanistan saw the highest number of civilian casualties last year since 2009, as the country has been mired in a long war with Taliban militants.
According to Press TV, figures in a Sunday report on civilian casualties indicated that there were 11,002 civilian casualties in 2015, including a total of 3,545 civilian deaths. Nearly 7,460 people suffered injuries in the armed conflict.

Afghan civilian casualties at record high in 2015: UN
Women and children in particular bore the brunt of the deadly clashes between government forces and militant groups in Afghanistan as casualties among women rose 37 percent, the report said. Kids also paid a heavy price since child casualties jumped by 14 percent over the year.
Nicholas Haysom, the Head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), denounced the harm done to civilians as “totally unacceptable,” calling on “those inflicting this pain on the people of Afghanistan to take concrete action to protect civilians and put a stop to the killing and maiming.”
Based on the report, the leading cause of civilian casualties was ground engagements at 37 percent, followed by roadside bombs at 21 percent.
UNAMA said 2015 witnessed the “highest number of total civilian casualties” recorded by the mission since 2009.