Taliban admits losing 13 in US drone hits in SE Afghanistan

Two US assassination drone attacks in Afghanistan’s Southeastern Paktika Province has reportedly killed more than a dozen people with Taliban militants confirming the loss of 13 elements.
According to Press TV, in a Saturday press release issued by the spokesperson of the local insurgent group, Taliban stated that the militants were targeted by American drones while engaged in a battle with elements linked to their rival Takfiri ISIL terrorists in Warmama area of the Barmal District, local press outlets reported.

Taliban admits losing 13 in US drone hits in SE Afghanistan
According to the Taliban statement, five of their forces were killed in the first strike and eight more perished in the second one.
The statement, however, did not mention the exact date of the drone attacks.
No official confirmation of the US drone attacks has been reported so far, though local authorities and residents of Gomal District of Pakitika Province have verified major skirmishes between Taliban and ISIL-linked terrorists in the area.
Local residents further reported severe clashes between the two rival terror groups in Khand and Dinarkhil areas of the province last week, leading to dozens of casualties.