Ruskin Bond writing three memoirs, one on his love life

Legendary children’s author Ruskin Bond is writing his autobiography in three volumes, one of which will reveal why he did not marry.

“I will write three memoirs. First one will be on my writing life, second one on my personal life, which includes my love life,” Mr. Bond told PTI in an interview here.

The third book, he said would be on his “invented life” — the life, which the writer would like to have.

Renowned writer Ruskin Bond during the New Delhi World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi in this file photo.

“I can tell a lot of tall stories. That book will probably be the most amusing,” the 81-year-old bachelor, who lives with his adopted family in Landour near Mussoorie, said.

Although many of his stories are semi—autobiographical in nature, his first attempt at writing a full—fledged memoir was in 2000 when ‘Scenes from a Writer’s Life: A Memoir’ was published.

But, it covers only first few formative years of the Anglo—Indian’s life till the age of 21 before his first book ’The Room on the Roof’, which also has autobiographical elements, was published.

Born to a British Air Force personnel in Kasauli, he grew up in smaller towns of Jamnagar, Shimla and Dehradun.

After staying for a few years in London, the Sahitya Akademi Award winner and Padma Bhushan winning writer came back to the country of his birth.

“I am extending that book now to include some of the things I had left out. And some of the things I see in a different perspective now. It will be ready in the next 3—4 months,” said the author who was recently in the city to talk at the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet.

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