Sonam has a secret passion she’s not allowed to talk about!

Sonam Kapoor is a bundle of revelations. While we have seen the actress lend her support to art events (like Vipul Salvi’s art brunch) or charitable ones (for Rouble Nagi Art Foundation, which runs art camps for underprivileged kids in India), we didn’t know that the actress has a penchant for art, too. The actress has her own private collection of priceless art, which she has been collecting for years. In fact, she has studied theatre and arts at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore.

Sonam admits that she has a passion for collecting paintings. In fact, that’s the most expensive gift she gave herself from her first earnings. “I bought myself a beautiful painting by Manjit Bawa. I collect art, I’ve loved art since I turned 20. I got hooked on to it, thanks to my maasi Kavita Singh and my mother (Sunita Kapoor), who are art enthusiasts. They have been a huge influence on me where art and culture is concerned and where Indian textiles and fashion are concerned. My maasi has been a collector for some time and I have grown up with art around me.”

Quiz her on the number of paintings she has and she says that she’s not allowed to talk about her vast painting collection. “I keep them on the walls of my bedroom or we store them very well. It’s a small collection my maasi and mom have been collecting for a very long time.”