Innovative ways to deal with a heartbreak

Mumbai (DNA) : Elvis Presley — the king of rock and roll had crooned about the loneliness, heartache and desperation one goes through after a break-up back in the day in his hit track Heartbreak Hotel. It’s melancholy at its best or worst, depending on how you choose to see it. And while there are many ways to cope with the fallout of a romance, as there are people across the globe, one thing that remains the same is choosing to be quiet and healing away from the spotlight or going all out to purge your ex from your life. Today, we are focusing on the latter, and the different ways that people can and have resorted to, to get over a heartbreaking past.

Naming a roach after an ex
You may have referred to your ex as a roach or a scum or worse, but now the Bronx zoo in New York is allowing you to name one of the zoo’s Madagascar hissing cockroaches for only $10! It’s the perfect gift—for a $10 donation toward wildlife research in Madagascar, your ex, biggest rival or arch nemesis will receive a certificate in the mail letting them know you’ve named an indestructible roach after them. This tradition has been around since 2011. All you have to do is fill out an online form. You can even leave a message in the letter to explain exactly what inspired the gift.
Donating to the museum of broken relationships
If you have suffered a broken heart, and own an object that reminds you of the heartache, the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia, comes to your aid. The place collects remnants of failed relationships, donated by those who loved and lost. Some of their unusual exhibits include the letter T donated by a Slovenia couple who met online, but who didn’t survive the first real-life encounter. They said, “When we actually met in person the mutual interest was lost and he gave me the letter T from his keyboard, as he did not need it any longer.” Also, part of this unusual collection is an axe, an animal made of plastic molecules and a wooden watermelon.
Thrashing the wedding dress
Back in 2014, this became a big trend with many brides choosing to ruin their wedding gowns and trading it for a day of fun. For many women, a wedding dress is one of the priciest and most treasured possessions in their wardrobe but for Maryborough local Kim Sheard, hers was a reminder of some memories she would rather keep firmly in the past. In need of some cheering up, and with a pretty white gown she would never use again, 37-year-old Kim’s creative friends came up with an idea — trash the dress, by dredging it through some of the harshest conditions imaginable. Armed with her photographer friend Rowena Walker and social media genius Tabitha Penman, Kim and her mates thought up some of the wackiest ways to make sure the dress would never be worn again. Inspired by a man in America who had trashed his ex-wife’s wedding dress, the trio set up the Trash -That – Wedding Dress page on Facebook, accumulating over 600 followers all eager to see Kim’s dress take a trashing. Kim and her friends didn’t go easy on the white gown, testing it’s material to the maximum by trawling it through a round of zorbing, parasailing, dirt-biking and even dirt-tobogganing.
Bombarding an ex with glitter bombs
Modelled after the sensational gag trend originating in the US and Australia, there are sites who actually encourage you to send a glitter bomb to ruin your exes day. They also let you send a personal note explaining why you chose to spoil their day. We don’t know how many people would take a shine to this one, but hell it’s just another way to make life a little harder for someone who gave you a lot of grief