Apple eyeing virtual reality, promotes the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack kit

Remember View-Master? The classic stereoscopic toy from the 80s that used those famously slotted disks to display 3D views of sceneries? It so happens that that product–a creation of toy giant Mattel–has kept up with the times: available now as a ‘Virtual Reality Starter Pack’ available on their own website, it is priced at $29.99 (approx Rs 2,035.) This product works in a similar fashion to Google Cardboard (and happens to be compatible with Cardboard apps,) comprising a smartphone-based app that delivers a stereoscopic experience when the phone is inserted into the device.

Interestingly, Apple has recently begun promoting this device on Apple’s own website, a definitive indication of Apple’s interest in the field of Virtual Reality. The company has even gone on to reference the device in one of their TV commercials, pegging it as an essential accessory for the iPhone.
The View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack experience consists of three disc-shaped ‘pass cards’ that can be scanned by the device to launch a particular virtual and augmented reality experience. The View-Master Virtual Reality app is available on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The three experiences include Wildlife, Space and Destination, each sold separately with their own unique add-ons