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Rick’s Ramblings: Celebrating those who moved on

Mumbai (DNA) : We were talking and I realised how little we credit the people who manage to say, “I’m gonna let it go, I won’t live with something that does not work for me anymore. I won’t waste my time hanging on to something that no matter how much we try is not gonna work for us.” Yes, we give a lot of credit to people who “make it work” and they totally deserve it, don’t get me wrong.

It takes shit loads of strength to do that, but I believe, it also takes special kind of strength and guts to end something, and sometimes, I feel we don’t give enough credit to the people who manage to take that decision. Marriage is tough business and being in it isn’t easy, we all know that, but being able to take a call to end it and move ahead, isn’t easy either and people who somehow manage that also deserve some credit.
We live in a society where there’s supposedly no reason good enough to take that call to end your marriage. So sometimes to take a call to end things and move on is way tougher than people understand or acknowledge. Strangely enough, divorce is looked upon as quitting or as something that you couldn’t make it work sort of a thing, but the actual fact is that it’s a choice to not be in a situation that doesn’t work and doesn’t make sense in that person’s life anymore.

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Everything doesn’t have to always work for everyone. It’s as simple as that and I believe it takes a certain kind of bravery to take that decision that somehow isn’t really looked upon as a so called “correct” decision, no matter who takes it. Anyway, the point is that we seldom celebrate the people who make it work, but let’s also acknowledge and celebrate the ones who boldly decide it doesn’t work and they move on to see what life has ahead and beyond. So cheers to the friends who decided to move on. Love you.

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