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Didn’t manage to buy the Le 1s phone today? Here are a few options

LeEco (Letv) put their flagship Le 1s on sale today, and true to flash sale ethos, prospective customers were required to pre-register for it. But if you happen to be among those who missed out on the opportunity to own this phone and simply don’t have the patience to wait another week until the next sale, not to worry–we take a look at a selection of smartphones that sit in a similar price range while being comparable on specifications: the Xolo Black 3GB, the Honor 5X and the Lenovo K4 Note (pre-registrations underway with the sale on 3 Feb.)

While the three phones under consideration here appear to have nearly identical camera specifications (13MP main camera + 5MP front camera,) the Xolo Black has a bit more trickery for avid photographers including dual main camera (a 2MP secondary camera that captures image depth,) a flash for the front selfie camera and an Adobe-powered onboard photo editor. Although the Honor 5x also has modes like slow-motion, time lapse and object tracking, and is able to take photos by tapping its integrated fingerprint scanner.
Winner: Xolo Black 3GB (Rs 10999)
Mobile entertainment
The choice here is clear–the Lenovo K4 Note, with its TheaterMax technology that couples the optional VR headset and its studio-quality ESS DAC make it ideally suited to movies and music on the go. Its microSD card enables adding up to 128GB of memory to the phone–ideal for storing those seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’, your favourite action flicks or your entire song library. The phone also supports Dolby Atmos, delivering a truly immersive experience especially with a good set of headphones.
Winner: Lenovo K4 Note (Rs 11,998)
When it comes to firing up your favourite racing or mobile strategy game, it’s the processor, graphics and display that counts. On this front, the Xolo Black trumps the scene with its 3GB of RAM and capable Snapdragon 615 processor. Teamed with its 5.5-inch Full HD screen and 3,200mAH battery, your road-trip gaming will be set. The Honor 5x and Lenovo K4 Note are good alternatives, but the former comes with only 2GB of RAM while the latter has a slightly less capable Mediatek processor. Although the K4 Note does have 360 VR capability if you need that immersive gaming experience.
Winner: Xolo Black 3GB (Rs 10,999)
General Use
Each of these phones featured their own advantages along with downsides, but in this case we’re going with the Honor 5X. The phone’s all-metal body construction, good camera capabilities, and integrated fingerprint scanner make it well-suited to general use. The fingerprint scanner can also be configured to have each of your five fingers unlock the phone and even opening a specific app.

Winner: Honor 5X (Rs 12999)
If you’re still bent on picking up the Le 1s though, registrations are underway for the next flash sale on February 9.

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