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BJP sympathiser actor Anupam Kher feels sad for denied Pakistani visa

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor and BJP sympathiser Anupam Kher who was denied a visa by Pakistan to attend a literary festival in Karachi addressed a press conference on Tuesday regarding the same.

Shortly before the press conference commenced, Kher shared the invitation letter from Director of Karachi Litfest on his Twitter page.

At the conference, Kher said that two months ago he received an invitation from the Karachi Litfest. However, after PM Narendra Modi visited Lahore, he was convinced that he should attend the Litfest.
“I did not personally ask for a visa, the organisers of Karachi Literature Festival did. For last 15 days, all my visa documents are ready. The organiser of the Karachi litfest said that Govt officials told her that don’t invite Anupam Kher. I don’t know why,” said Kher.

“Karachi Litfest organisers had sent the clearance documents to Pakistan High commission. However, everyone got a visa except me,” he said.
“I am not angry with anybody, I am hurt and saddened,” he added.
Kher said that he doesn’t understand the reason behind him being singled out and not given a visa. He said that, “My guess is that maybe because I am a Kashmiri Pandit, or maybe because I have supported our Prime Minister they may have done this. It could also be because I have been vocal on the tolerance/intolerance topic. My book is not controversial. It is a self-help book. It is called ‘The Best Thing About You Is You’, and it is not controversial.”
He requested those who protested ‘intolerance’ recently to not forget his case. He appealed them to raise their voice against this treatment that has been meted out to an artist of this country.
Kher also said that he will go to Pakistan if I am given a visa in the future.

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