Googe reportedly experimenting with phone service for Google Fiber

After high-speed internet, Google Fiber might be trying to further break apart ISPs’ chokehold. Reports suggest the company has begun toying with adding an additional phone service. Named Google Fiber Phone, the service would work just like Google Voice and would direct mobile and landline phones to a single number operated by the company’s network.

According to the Washington Post, which got their hands on an invite to Google Fiber Phone, customers who are part of the Google Fiber Trusted Testers Program have been receiving these invites over the past month or so. The Trusted Testers are Fiber subscribers who have agreed to be guinea pigs for any new programs and services introduced. However, there’s not yet been any word on which US cities will have access to the phone services, or how much they will cost. Users can currently get (a) a free internet service with 5Mbps download speeds, (b) a 1-gigabit internet service for US $70 a month, and (c 1-gigabit service, as well as cable TV, for US $130 a month