3rd Twenty20 Commentary: Yuvraj, Raina win it in last over, India sweep series 3-0

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the third and final Twenty20 International between India and Australia. It is being played at Sydney.

Raina celebration

Australia have won the toss and chosen to bat first.

India have won the first two T20s convincingly to clinch the series 2-0. Virat Kohli has made fifties in both games, MS Dhoni has got in a couple of big hits and the openers Rohit and Dhawan have been very successful too.

India’s bowling defended 188 in Adelaide and 184 in Melbourne, the latter after Australia had got off to a flying start in the first nine overs.

For Australia, there is no Aaron Finch, and Shane Watson will lead in his absence. They go into this game with a few changes – Khawaja is in for Finch, Cameron Bancroft in for keeper Wade, Travis Head for Faulkner, Boyce for Lyon and Shaun Tait for Hastings.

India have made no changes to their side. One hopes that Yuvraj Singh will get a chance to bat a few overs though, as he hasn’t batted in the first two T20s.

17:38 PM
Virat Kohli is the Man of the Series.

Kohli said India weren’t so bad as to be 0-4 down in the ODIs. He said its happy its 4-4 now.

He says he enjoys playing alongside Rohit Sharma, and wanted to bat till the end. He agrees India are favourites for the World T20.

Shane Watson is the Man of the Match.

He says its fantastic to play for Australia in any capacity, but they have to assess their deficiencies before the World T20.

MS Dhoni is called up.

He says India needed something extra from the bowlers after the ODI series loss, and they got it. Praises Bumrah and Nehra.

Taylor tries to be funny with Dhoni. First he asks him to keep Rohit or Kohli out of India’s game against Australia at the World T20. Then he says he wishes Dhoni well for the event, but not too well.

India get hold of the trophy and celebrate.

India have also moved up to No 1 in the ICC Twenty20 rankings. Crazy, that Australia are now No 8.

17:10 PM
Over 20

Two sixes needed from Yuvi.

FOUR. On the legs from Andrew Tye, Yuvraj flicks the ball to long leg for four.

13 needed off 5.

SIX. Yuvi is back. Half volley on middle, Yuvraj gets it right in the middle of the bat, the ball sails over wide long on for six. 7 off 4.

Just outside leg, Yuvraj tries to go over the on side again, misses, they run hard, keeper misses the stumps and Raina dives to complete the single. Not given wide.

Ball 4: Almost a yorker, Raina tucks it away to the on side and India come back quickly for two. 4 off 2 needed.

Low full toss on middle, Raina flicks it past a sprawling backward point, looks almost like four, but its not timed well enough. They get back for two. 2 needed off the last ball.

The whole field’s come in on the off side.

FOUR. Raina gives room, Tye bowls short on middle, Raina just gets the width he needs to flick the ball over point for four, and does it perfectly.

India 200/3 off 20 overs, they have won by 7 wickets, off the last ball, and swept the series 3-0.

17:01 PM
Over 19

Watson in his last over.

Slower ball bouncer, Yuvi tries to hook, misses, looks at the square leg ump who says its just one bouncer. Not a wide.

22 off 11.

Yuvi digs out a single to the on side, strike back to Raina.

Short of full length outside off, Raina slogs to long on for one. 20 needed off 9.

Slower yorker outside off, Yuvraj’s flick meets air. 20 off 8. India need a six.

Full on off, Yuvraj lifts the ball over midwicket, but can’t get the best timing, two to deep midwicket.

Yorker outside off, Yuvraj hits to point only, just 5 off the over, India 181/3 off 19 overs.

17 needed off the final over.

16:58 PM
Over 18


Yorker, Raina can’t score. 34 from 17.

Awkwardly flicked to long leg for two.

Waist high full toss, Raina misses the cut, should have been taken advantage of.

Ball 4: Full toss, flicked to long leg, over backward point, but still just a couple.

FOUR. Raina gives room, short of full length from Tye, Raina looks to go over extra cover, gets an edge that flies past the keeper for four. 26 off 13.

FOUR. Ah. Raina moves to the off side, Tye bowls straight, Raina gets a faint, deliberate touch on it, deft flick, and the ball races to the fine leg fence!

India 176/3 after 18 overs.

16:52 PM
Over 17

FOUR. Slower ball but short and on the legs from Watson, Raina flicks it well past backward short leg for four.

38 needed off 23.

Yuvraj hits to point and gets a single, crowd roars.

Yorker outside off, Raina tries to flick it with a dig-out shot, ball goes to keeper, big appeal for a catch.

Wide, slower bouncer, too slow and Raina leaves.

Low full toss, Raina slams it to deep midwicket for one.

Yuvraj walks to off, tries to hit a good length ball over square leg, no connection. He tries to take off for a single but Raina yells at him and he aborts the attempt.

India 163/3 after 17 overs.

16:48 PM
Over 16

FOUR. Bad line from Tye, yorker last ball but now he strays onto the legs and is flicked away nicely by Raina to fine leg.

45 needed off 27 balls.

Cut away through wide gully for two.

Slower full toss, Raina didn’t read it early, was down the track, flicks it to the on side and curses himself.

Ball is short, takes off off a length, Yuvraj was looking to flick but the ball rises away from him and goes to the keeper. Yuvi is surprised, weak appeal by the keeper. India 156/3.

16:41 PM
Over 15

FOUR. Short by Boyce,Kohli rocks back on the backfoot and hits it over midwicket for four.

Full toss, but Kohli cannot put it away.

Down the track, Kohli drives through extra cover, dive on the fence to stop it, but Kohli has reached 50 in 35 balls.

OUT! What a freak dismissal. Kohli advances, inside edges the full ball, and it rolls back onto his stumps! Kohli was alert, he dived at the ball to stop it from hitting the stumps, but was not quick enough. India 147/3.

Yuvraj Singh is in to a big ovation.

He defends the first ball. India 147/3 after 15 overs.

16:31 PM
Over 13

OUT! Rohit Sharma is gone, he lifts Cameron Boyce straight to short midwicket. Out for 52.

Missed stumping! Raina is the batsman, he comes down the track second ball, is beaten by the turn, plays around it, and the keeper fails to collect cleanly! Raina was gone.

SIX. Big slog sweep, timing is good enough to take the ball over the long on fence for six.

India 130/2 after 13 overs.

16:27 PM
Over 12

FOUR. Rohit slogs the ball over cow corner for four.

Low full toss, Rohit hits to sweeper cover and gets to 50 off 35 balls. Almost an unnoticed innings.

Slower ball, a single to short third man. 77 more needed off 49. Still space for Australia to come back.

Inside edge, just a single. 10 off the over, India 122/1 after 12.

16:22 PM
Over 11

Glenn Maxwell into the attack.

2 off the first 3 balls.

SIX. Loose, high full toss, Kohli is rapidly down the pitch and smacks the ball way over the deep midwicket boundary for six.

Single off the last ball, India 112/1 after 11 overs.

16:21 PM
Over 10

Things seem to be quietening down a bit now. One big punch from India though will finish it.

Tait is back.

Rapped on the pads, Rohit tries to flick across the line, and there is a big appeal. Umpire declines.

Ball 3: Rohit tries to cart the ball for six over long on, no timing, but fortunately it falls short of long on.

Driven through the covers for two, and Kohli takes India to 100.

Single down the ground, India 102/1 after 10 overs.

16:15 PM
Over 9

Four singles off five balls off the 9th over.

Five off the over, India 96/1 after 9 overs.

16:10 PM
Over 8

FOUR. Nice paced ball outside off, Rohit cuts it firmly to deep point for four.

9 off the over off 5 balls.

Single off the last ball, India 91/1 after 8 overs.

16:05 PM
Over 7

Boyce is introduced into the attack.

Rohit gets a single to long on, and then Kohli takes a quick couple.

Ball 4: Misfield at deep cover allows Kohli to come back for 3, there seem to be more Indians in the crowd than Aussies.

Single off the fifth ball.

7 off the over, India 81/1 after 7.

15:58 PM
Over 5

FOUR. Kohli gives room and bashes Boland through wide mid off for four.

Slower one from Boland, Kohli jumps and plays over it, but its wide down the leg side.

Kohli goes for a quick run and then dives hard to make his crease. Sprawls down for the cameras for a while.

Slower ball again, outside leg, not called a wide, ball had hit his leg

Ball 4: Now it is a wide, and given so.

Kohli and Sharma were angry the first ball was not called wide.

Rohit’s straight drive hits the stumps.

Ball 6: Half volley outside off, nice pick up by Rohit, four to deep extra cover. India 62/1.

15:53 PM
Over 4


FOUR. Dhawan continues to deal in boundaries, drills the ball through point for four again.

OUT! Dhawan has thrown it away. He advanced down the track, Watson changed the length, and Dhawan then tried to dab it away fine. He got a fine edge that was taken by the keeper. 26 off 9.

Virat Kohli is the new man.

FOUR. Smashed to deep midwicket, fielder comes running around, India get two.

India 49/1 after 4 overs.

15:47 PM
Over 3

Rohit on drives through midwicket for two.

FOUR. Full and wide, Dhawan sets himself and lifts the ball over mid off for four.

SIX. Now he swings across, fullish ball, but it disappears over the square leg fence!

17 off 4 balls including 2 wides.

FOUR. Short and wide again from Tait, Dhawan cracks the ball stylishly over point and into the fence. 21 off 5.

Full, driven through covers and Dhawan sets off immediately, three runs. 24 off the over.

India 42/0 after 3 overs.

15:41 PM
Over 2

FOUR. Dhawan cracks a boundary through point. Boland is the bowler.

FOUR. Good length on off, Sharma backs away a bit, and cracks the ball for four over the covers.

Ball 6: He goes again, over the on side, miscues to deep square leg for one.

India 18/0 after 2 overs.

15:37 PM
Over 1

Shaun Tait bowls a yorker to Rohit Sharma first ball and he defends.

Slightly full, Tait drives to short cover for no run.

FOUR. Fuller this time, still not a bad ball, and Sharma drives cripsly through the covers for four.

Wide ball now from Tait, he has this problem.

India 7/0 after 1 over.

15:12 PM
Over 20

Bumrah to bowl the last over.

Two off the first two balls.

FOUR. Low full toss, Lynn swings to deep midwicket for four.

OUT! Brilliantly caught in the deep by Jadeja. Lynn tried a similar shot again but Jadeja dived forward in the deep to take a brilliant catch.

Very full, Watson swings to deep midwicket, tries a quick two, comes back, and Dhoni can’t take the throw. It hits up on the thumb and he holds it for a while.

Two off the final ball, Australia finish on 197/5 off 20 overs.

Shane Watson’s 122 not out took Australia to 197/5. They were struggling in the middle when they lost 3 quick wickets, but Watson along with Head turned the game around. India pulled it back just a little bit in the end, Aussies were heading for 210 till the 17th over.

15:04 PM
Over 19

Nehra is back for his last over.

Three off three balls so far. Not a bad over.

SIX! Nehra is just a little full this time, and Watson has got his eye in well, he merely swings the ball over long on for six as if it were a rubber ball.

Cut to gully for no run.

Single off the last ball as well, 11 off it despite good bowling. Australia 187/4 after 19 overs.

15:01 PM
Over 18

After two good balls to Watson, Bumrah bowls on Lynn’s pads and concedes four to fine leg.

Terrific yorker to Watson again, he can barely keep it out for one.

Low full toss hit to deep midwicket for one. Australia 176/4.

14:58 PM
Over 17

SIX. India have lost concentration. Full toss on middle from Jadeja, Watson swings mightily for six over deep midwicket.

Now cut away to sweeper cover for two, now to 98.

FOUR. Slog swept for four to deep midwicket, fielder dives but cannot get around, and Shane Watson has made a century. 102 off 60 balls.

SIX. Full outside off, Watson puts one foot down and clears the long off boundary with ease.

OUT! Travis Head comes down the track, is yorked by a flat ball from Jadeja and bowled. Australia 168/4 after 17 overs.

14:52 PM
Over 16

Australia have reached 140 after 15 overs. Hardik Pandya made a terrific save to prevent six last over.

SIX. Half volley by Ashwin on middle, Watson down the track and swings mightily down the ground. He doesn’t get all the timing, but still gets it very, very far into the stands!

Australia 149/3 after 16 overs.

14:46 PM
Over 14

Australia have got 7 off the first four balls of Ashwin’s bowling.

Short and wide, cut hard into the deep for one.

On the legs, single to fine leg, Australia 127/3 after 14 overs.

14:41 PM
Over 13

DROPPED. Full outside off, Watson drives in the air, hard and flat towards sweeper cover, Kohli comes rushing in and dives forward, but drops the very difficult catch.

FOUR. Low full toss, Watson hits it much better, over extra cover for four.

Wide from Pandya now, Australia are getting back in the game.

Two wides now, this should be annoying for Dhoni.

FOUR. Now he concedes another boundary.

Australia get 15 off the over, 118/3 after 13.

14:36 PM
Over 12

Ball 1: Watson dabs into the on side, and then tries to come back for a quick two. Jadeja’s rocket arm means the ball is quickly back to Dhoni who clips off the bails in haste. Replay shows that Watson is in though.

SIX. Full, slowish on middle and off, Travis Head plays a brutal slog sweep that travels over the square fence for six.

FOUR. Counter attack. Full outside off this time, Head slogs straighter this time, between long on and deep midwicket for four.

Australia 103/3 after 12 overs.

14:32 PM
Over 11

Hardik Pandya comes in to bowl.

FOUR. Short and wide from Pandya, Watson cracks it through a diving point for four. 50 for Watson.

8 off five balls in this over so far.

9 off the over, Australia 89/3.

14:27 PM
Over 10

Big roar as Yuvraj Singh comes in to bowl.

OUT! The SCG has gone insane. Half-volley on off, Maxwell drives in the air, just picks out a diving cover perfectly, and the crowd’s joy knows no bounds. Australia 75/3.

Over confident fielding at short point costs India two.

5 off the over and a wicket, Australia 80/3 after 10 overs.

14:21 PM
Over 9

Two off four balls off Jadeja so far.

Australia75/2 after 9 overs.

14:18 PM
Over 8

OUT! Ashwin has got Shaun Marsh out bowled for 9. Slow through the air, Marsh goes for the big slog sweep, misses, and hears timber fall.

Australia 72/2 after 8 overs.

14:10 PM
Over 6

Ashwin introduced into the attack.

FOUR. Watson takes one step down and awkwardly lifts the ball over mid off for four.

He tries again off Ball 4 but hits the ball straight to the mid off.

Watson cuts, between gully and short third man, and some decent fielding by Nehra on the fence keeps Australia to three.

9 off Ashwin’s first over, Australia 57/0.

14:08 PM
Over 5

FOUR. Wide and full from Nehra, Watson gets down on one knee and lifts him over the covers for four.

FOUR. Less width this time, closer to off, and good length, but Watson cuts through between gully and short third man for four.

Very quick single from Watson, a direct hit from mid on would have had him out. Nehra is being discussed, VVS Laxman is scared and refuses to answer the Aussies’ query as to whether Nehra can make the T20 World Cup.

Australia 48/1 after 5 overs.

14:03 PM
Over 4

FREE HIT. Good ball by Bumrah, beats Watson’s cut, but he overstepped.

FOUR. Low full toss on off, and Watson cracks it gleefully through extra cover for four. That’s a no ball again!

FREE HIT. FOUR. Low full toss just outside off now, and Watson hits through the covers for four.

Australia 37/1 after 4 overs.

13:57 PM
Over 3

OUT! The highly praised Khawaja is gone. Good ball from Nehra, maintains a line on off, good length, swings away, Usman gets an edge that just travels low to Dhoni. Australia 16/1.

SIX. Short just outside off from Nehra, and Watson rocks back to pull it vehemently over deep midwicket for six.

Australia 24/1 after 3 overs.

13:53 PM
Over 2

Usman Khawaja drives Bumrah through the covers for two.

Two more singles get him back on strike for the fourth ball.

FOUR. Short and sits up, Khwaja pulls it hard square of the wicket for four.

FOUR. Fuller but not full enough, Khawaja flicks and the square leg is beaten.

Two off the final ball, Australia 15/0 after 2 overs.

13:48 PM
Over 1

Nehra begins and gets prodigious swing first ball, defended to the off side.

One run off five balls so far.

Australia 1/0 after 1 over.