Rahul Gandhi bashes BJP over net neutrality, differential pricing

Hyderabad: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has spoken out against the BJP government on issues relating to net neutrality and differential pricing.

Gandhi said that depsite young India, Nasscom and even over 500 start-up entrepreneurs pleading for net neutrality, the government has been delaying the formation of a clear-cut policy on the pretext of repeated discussions.
“NASSCOM has asked for Net Neutrality, over 500 start-up entrepreneurs are pleading for it, young in India have been demanding it — yet we have a government, which under the pretext of repeated discussions, has been delaying framing a clear-cut policy on this,” He said.

Gandhi even accused the government of turning a blind eye to telecom companies’ differential pricing move through zero rating plans and charging for Over the Top (OTT) services.
“BJP Govt quietly looked the other way when telecom companies introduced price differential through zero rating plans and attempts to charge for OTT (Over The Top) services.”
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has, over the last couple of months, sought comments from the public over differential pricing and zero rating plans. The regulator even pulled up social media giant Facebook for failing to meet all the required instructions put forth by it while seeking feedback from its users on its Free Basics programme.
While speaking about the upcoming TRAI report on net neutrality and differential pricing, Gandhi said, “Like millions of Indians out there, I am earnestly hoping to see a TRAI report and Modi government’s commitment in favour of open Internet in its entirety where there is no ambiguity in regard to differencial in pricing or VOIP.

“I sincerely hope that TRAI report and the Modi government will adhere to this bounden need espoused by millions of Indians.”