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Medical Equipment Every Household Needs: Experts Note

Mumbai: Epidemics and seasonal changes are not the only factors that make you ill. If you’ve a sedentary lifestyle, it’s bound to make you a victim of health issues like hypertension, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol levels, and insomnia. But now, with the advent of portable and easy-to-use monitoring devices available in the market, you’ll be better equipped to observe your vital parameters.

With increased awareness about health, more and more people are choosing to equip their homes with necessary medical equipment. The best part is that you can buy such instruments from an online chemist. You can be assured of the quality and also avail the dual benefit of competitive prices and reliable home delivery services.

In a home with children and elderly, having essential medical instruments like digital thermometers, nebulizer, blood sugar monitor, and hot water bags prove to be very handy. Some of these instruments and their usefulness are listed below.

For Pain Management

A sudden sprain or a muscle pull causes a lot of pain. Instead of popping painkillers, hot or cold fomentations give a good amount of relief. Hot water bags, heating pads, hot and cold packs, and crepe bandages are very helpful to alleviate pain. If you suffer from cervical spondylitis or osteoarthritis, the cervical collars, knee caps, and abdominal belts offer support and reduce pain considerably.

For Respiratory Care

Kids and elders are prone to respiratory infections especially when there is a change in weather. Pollution further adds to the woes of asthma patients. Having a nebulizer and vapourizer on hand helps ease congestion and clear the respiratory passage. Additionally, electrical steam inhalers are very convenient to use and steam inhalation is very effective for blocked nose and sinusitis.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure is the root cause for hypertension, heart attack, and hemorrhage shocks. Stress is one of the main contributing causes for rise in the blood pressure. Learning stress management techniques is definitely beneficial, but with a blood pressure monitoring device at home, you can monitor your BP on a regular basis and take medication accordingly.

Diabetes Monitoring

Do you find it cumbersome to make two visits to the pathology lab early in the morning and post lunch to check fasting sugar and PP blood sugar levels? With a blood sugar monitoring machine at home, the glucometer facilitates regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and allows you to take corrective action. All you need to buy is the glucometer strips and you can check blood sugar levels from the comfort of your home.

For Weight Management

Obesity is a serious issue in today’s world. Unhealthy eating habits coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are the contributing factors for obesity. With increased awareness, people are looking for ways to curb obesity and bring about weight loss. If you are following a diet and exercise program, you’ll be happy and encouraged to continue with the routine when you see visible results. With a weighing scale on hand, you can track your weight loss program and make the necessary changes in your diet and exercise schedule.

In case anyone in your house is affected by mobility issues due to old age or injury, then wheelchairs provide support and facilitate movement. Other medical equipment like knee chairs, lift chairs, walkers, and crutches are essential aids that’ll be a blessing for the orthographically compromised.