Sachin Tendulkar praises railway police, says people take them for granted

Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has said that police are always there to help us which we take for granted.

“The other day I was sitting at home with my family, my elder brother Nitin Tendulkar, and we were discussing this function (Railway police function), when he gave me a DVD of a new (Marathi) film “Policeline – Ek Purna Satya”,” Sachin said at a programme organised by the Mumbai railway police in Mumbai last week.

“The film is on the life of policemen, like how often challenging moments come in their life, a lot of hurdles, due to which they are not able to celebrate their children’s birthday, festivals….they cannot be present to help their family, but they are on duty all the time, helping us, which we take for granted,” he said.
“If there is festival, if there is a cricket match, if any problems come up, police is there. “And hence I thought I should come here and applaud them, thank them,” the batting maestro said.