Websites, apps and ads soliciting women companions is the new in thing in travel industry

“A Bangalore-based globetrotter businessman invites educated and female travel companions to exotic locations around the world. Well read, artists and nature lovers are welcome.”

Well. As you might have assumed by now, this is an advertisement put up by a ‘sugar daddy’. The ad appeared in a leading national daily last week, and speaks volumes on the new trend in travel industry.

Insiders claim that advertisements like these are just an extension of newly cropped up websites or phone apps, catering to ‘sugar daddies’ and ‘sugar babies’ who enter into a deal to spend time together on a holiday for ‘mutual benefit’.
Sugar daddies are generally rich men, mostly in their 40s and beyond, and not having the time or inclination for dating or romance in a conventional style. Conversely, sugar babies are comparatively younger women wanting to get some ‘allowances’ and free holiday trip in return for ‘companionship’. It can also be vice versa, the insiders add.
Just like the advertiser in the above case, sugar daddies often spell out their preferences and the traits and qualities he looks forward to in his travel companion.,,,,, are some of the websites and mobile phone apps which are popular among the travellers wanting companion. identifies itself as “Where Romance Meet Finance”. The platform further claims to be for generous men looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking for financial support with bills, or who just need some excitement in life!
Confirming the rising trend of such apps and website gaining traction in India, medical fraternity opines that it is not the anonymity and privacy that internet provides that is playing a factor. “The outlook towards the accepted sexual behaviour and taboos in the society too are changing,” said an insider.
According to Dr Sagar Mundada, senior resident psychiatrist, JJ hospital, Mumbai, such trends are primarily observed in metros and to an extend in tier-II cities. “Earlier, mainly men go for such things. But now even women are open about their sexual needs and some see big money in it. The mobile apps and website also help them to maintain secrecy in such dealings,” he said.
Mundada claims of having been approached by wife of a rich city businessman who is busy leading a sugar daddy life. “In such cases, we have to be careful not to be judgemental and should find out whether there is any issues between the couple. In such cases, counselling and open talk between the couple can help,” he said.