Ranbir Kapoor threw a house party and guess who was not invited!

The relationship status of Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor is turning out to be a subject for conspiracy theorists. Whether they are together or separated is the question only the duo knows the answer to. But being the private people they are, no beans are spilled from their end yet.
We fans can only observe them and speculate.

In the latest update, Ranbir Kapoor has moved to a new pad at Wilson Apartments on Hill Road in Bandra. He threw a small party for his friends from the industry and Katrina was not one of them, reports a leading English daily.

The supposedly split couple maintains their love nest at Carter Road but both of them are not living there as Katrina too has moved out to her old apartment.
According to recent reports, Katrina is allegedly thinking of skipping the promotions of her new movie Fitoor on the grand finale of Bigg Boss 9 as her ex Salman Khan is the host and it will not sit well with Ranbir.

Looking at these two reports, one is still left wondering if this relationship is the Schrödinger’s cat! Dead as well as alive until the couple confirms it!