Dalit children burnt alive: CBI conducts lie detection on 11 accused

NEW DELHI: CBI has conducted polygraph tests on 11 accused in the killing of two Dalit children in Sunped, Haryana, in an alleged arson attack on October 25, 2015 and has not ruled out subjecting the father of the children to the same examination.


CBI sources said they are awaiting reports of the lie-detection tests on the accused besides the report of Central Forensic Science Laboratory which had done a crime scene analysis to understand how the fire started. The sources said if the polygraph tests of accused come clear, then the agency might put the father of the children to the same test to get a clearer picture about the versions of the incident.

CFSL has also carried out a detailed analysis of the crime scene but its report on how the fire started in the house in which two children were killed is still awaited. The sources said although Haryana FSL had claimed that the fire started inside the house, the agency will only depend on CFSL report in this regard.

In the wee hours of October 20, alleged upper caste assailants had set ablaze the house of Jitender after pouring petrol from the window. Jitendra’s son Vaibhav, who was two-and-a-half-years-old, and 11-month-old daughter Divya were killed, while his wife Rekha, 28 was injured.

The local police had registered a case against Sunped residents Balwant and his son Dharm Singh, besides nine others including Jagat, Aidal, Naunihal, Joginder, Sooraj, Akash, Aman, Sanjay, and Desh Raj.