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4th ODI Match Commentary: India snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the fourth ODI between India and Australia from Canberra.

Shikhar Dhawan

Australia have won the toss and decided to bat first.

The Kangaroos have already won the series 3-0. India will for the first time get a chance to bat second in the series. They are playing essentially the same side that played in Melbourne, with the exception of Barinder Sran. Ashwin is still out, but Bhuvneshwar Kumar is in.

For Australia, David Warner is back and Shaun Marsh is out. Sad for Marsh.

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16:40 PM
Over 50

OUT! Ishant Sharma edges to Wade and that’s the end of it. India have conceded a match which they should have won.

India 323 all out

16:37 PM
Over 49

Faulkner to bowl

Jadeja takes a couple

FOUR! Jadeja guides a full pitched delivery to third man and collects a boundary

No run. Jadeja swings hard but misses

No run. Slower ball from Faulkner and Jadeja fails to connect again

No run. Same ball same result

India 323-9

16:32 PM
Over 48

Mitchell marsh has cramped up and that looks pretty serious. He was running in to bowl and suddenly pulled up just before the release of the delivery

Catch missed! Umesh mistimes a ball and Richardson runs in from long off but fails to take the easy catch. Batsmen take a single

Catch missed! Jadeja edges it to Wade and he misses the tough chance

OUT! Umesh gone. This time Bailey makes no mistake. Umesh again goes for a big shot and manages to top edge it to point, where Bailey does the rest

India 316-9

16:23 PM
Over 47

Two runs from the over

India 314-8

16:20 PM
Over 46

OUT! Bhuvneshwar edges to Smith at first slip while trying to guide the ball to third man

That’s a wicket maiden

India 311-8

16:16 PM
Over 45

Faulkner to bowl

Bhuvneshwar Kumar nicks one to Wade behind the wicket and he fails to hold on to the catch. Some luck at last going India’s way

India 311-7

16:12 PM
Over 44

Richardson to bowl

Jadeja takes two after an over throw

FOUR! Rishi Dhawan comes forward and smashes the ball past mid off for a much needed boundary

Rishi pulls and takes two

OUT! Rishi tries to clear mid on but the ball takes and edge and flies to deep extra cover where Warner completes an easy catch

India 308-7

16:03 PM
Over 42

Richardson to bowl

OUT! Rahane edges to Smith at slips this time and India are all but out of the match now

India 294-6

15:58 PM
Over 41

Lyon to bowl

FOUR! Gurkeerat lifts the off-spinner over mid off for a boundary

OUT! He has perished while trying to be too aggressive. Tries a slog sweep but only manages to top edge it to Maxwell who runs to short fine leg position to complete the catch

Rahane to bat in spite of the injury

India 291-5

15:52 PM
Over 40

OUT! Kane Richardson gets Kohli. He tries to drive a half volley but the bat turns in his hand and Smith takes an easy catch at mid off

Jadeja and Gurkeerat at the crease

India 282-4

15:44 PM
Over 38

Waist height no-ball by Hastings and it’s a free hit

Dhawan fails to get anything out of the free hit

OUT! Dhawan is dismissed. He cuts to point and Bailey takes a simple catch at point this time

OUT! Dhoni goes for a nought. Comes forward to guide it to third man but manages an edge to the keeper and India in some trouble now

India 277-3

15:37 PM
Over 37

FOUR! Dhawan pierces the gap between mid off and cover and gets a boundary

Dhawan flicks a good length deliver to mid-wicket and Lyon does a great job at the fence to keep it to two

India 274-1

15:33 PM
100 for Kohli! The right-hander dances down the track and launches a cover drive over the 30-yards and takes two. That’s his 25th ton in ODIs. He raises both his hands and acknowledges the applause of the fans

India 265-1

15:26 PM
Over 35

FOUR! Dhawan swivels in his crease and sends it to the square leg boundary

Dhawan cuts it hard and Bailey scoops the ball up at point. Umpires check whether the catch is genuine or not and TV replays show that the ball had touched the ground, so it’s not out.

Kohli takes a single and reaches to 99

15:13 PM
Over 33

Dhawan goes for the cut, inside edges the ball nearly onto the stumps, then has to be quick to make his ground at the other end. Direct end would have had him out.

Kohli drives, hits straight to short cover. He has been a bit anxious for the last few minutes. The hundred is close.

Driven again, was there for the hit, but can’t beat the infield. India 244/1 after 33 overs.

15:09 PM
Over 32

Dhawan cuts the first ball to third man for one.

Two off four balls so far.

Pulled for one to deep midwicket.

Short and wide, just a single to deep cover for one. India 242/1.

15:05 PM
Over 31

Dhawan goes down the track, miscues the ball to long on for two.

FOUR. Swept, swatted, dismissed. Slammed to deep square leg for four. Dhawan to 98.

FOUR. CENTURY FOR SHIKHAR DHAWAN. Cut away between point and gully for four. Big relief, takes off his helmet and Kohli hugs him. One match too late though.

End of the over, India 238/1 after 31 overs.

15:02 PM
Over 30

Kohli tries to go big over extra cover off a short Hastings delivery, gets an outside edge has flown to third man for one.

Just three off the over, India 227/1 after 30 overs.

14:59 PM
Over 29

Kohli advances again and mishits a bit to long on. Something’s going to happen here.

Single by Dhawan, who reaches 90.

FOUR. Advances down the pitch again, goes over wide mid on and into the fence.

Now cuts the ball, misses out as point stops it.

6 off the over, India 224/1 after 29 overs.

14:51 PM
Over 27

FOUR. Down the track, Kohli has a swing and the ball shoots through wide mid on for four.

Now he tries the shot once too many times, miscues and the ball goes to deep midwicket for one.

FOUR. Reverse sweep from Dhawan, beats third man, easy boundary. India are going for the kill now.

Down the track, in the air, and drops just short of mid on.

India 213/1 after 27 overs.

14:47 PM
Over 26

Dhawan advances down the track twice in two balls. He gets a tough single on the second ball.

FOUR. Dhawan was inching to have a go at Smith down the ground, but now he gets a leg stump ball and sweeps it well for four.

FOUR. Now he does it, he goes over mid off, and its four. 10 off the over again, India 204/1 after 26 overs.

14:44 PM
Over 25

SIX! Down the track and Kohli has got it right in the meat of the bat, up and over long on and into next week. A spectator drops it and Deano is furious in the commentary. 103 mt. six.

It was a back of the hand slower ball.

Short outside off, Dhawan scoops it over the keeper to third man for two, and they run really fast to complete two.

Slower back of the hand ball again, Dhawan misses with the cut.

10 off the over, India 194/1 after 25 overs.

14:41 PM
Over 24

Steve Smith comes into the attack.

Leading edge of Dhawan’s bat, ball falls in no man’s land and India get one.

FOUR. Brilliant timing and placement by Kohli. Pitched up, he plays inside out with the spin, splits extra cover and mid off for four.

Big full toss, Kohli hits it straight to cover and is unhappy with himself.

Now a single down to long on.

Dhawan down the track, mistimes the ball to mid off. India 184/1 after 24 overs.

14:37 PM
Over 23

Slogged into the on side and Kohli gets two.

The highest successful ODI chase in Australia against Australia is 284 by the West Indies in 1997.

6 off the over, India 178/1.

14:31 PM
Over 22

Wide ball, Kohli thought of going after it.

Down the track and just a single to the on side.

Flicked to mid on, Kohli goes for the really quick single, just about manages it as the direct hit is missed.

India 172/1 after 22 overs.

14:22 PM
Over 20

Very good running again as the ball is flicked to midwicket and they actually run two.

6 off the over, India 155/1 after 20 overs.

14:19 PM
Over 19

FOUR. The last ball was mishit by Kohli into the deep, but this time he just canes the short delivery from Richardson to the fence.

Pulled to deep square leg and Kohli runs hard to finish the second. 50 off 34 balls.

Single off the last ball, India 149/1 after 19 overs.

14:13 PM
Over 18

Two off three balls off the Mitchell Marsh over so far.

FOUR. 3 runs off the over so far. Now Mitch Marsh bowls short and angling towards leg and Dhawan pulls him for four.

India 140/1 after 18 overs. Drinks.

14:07 PM
Over 17

Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack.

Kohli rocks back, ball follows him and Kohli flicks to fine leg and runs a quick two.

Wide ball.

Short and wide but Dhawan can only get one to sweeper cover.

FOUR. Short and waiting to be hit, Shikhar Dhawan packs a punch with the pull to deep midwicket. 50 for Dhawan in 49 balls.

14:04 PM
Over 16

Mitchell Marsh

Mitchell Marsh goes short, but Kohli was late on it. Scooped it the air going for the flicked pull over deep square leg. Ball drops just in front of a long leg rushing in and he does well to stop it making the fence.

India 123/1 after 16 overs.

13:59 PM
Over 15

We’re forgetting that Rahane may not come out to bat. He’s split a webbing.

Dhawan brings up 50 off the partnership in 38 balls.

Dhawan goes for the big booming sweep, hits the ball straight to deep square leg for one.

Down the track comes Kohli, can only get one to the on side. India 118/1 after 15.

13:52 PM
Over 13

Nathan Lyon is back.

Kohli down the track and works the ball through mid on for one. 100 up for India.

FOUR. Kohli plays an inside out shot over cover for four.

Single off the fifth ball, 8 off the over so far.

India 106/1 after 13 overs.

13:48 PM
Over 12

First ball from Faulkner gets high on Kohli, he plays it too early but stops his shot. The ball was in the air but dropped short and away from the bowler and India get two.

FOUR. Smashed for four through cover. Rocks back on the backfoot, slightly short and Kohli has taken the cover off it. Faulkner is talking.

FOUR. Faulkner just wound Kohli up, who now lifts the bowler over extra cover for four.

India 98/1 after 12 overs.

13:45 PM
Over 11

SIX. Dhawan steps out, then slaps the short ball out backward point for six. He had both feet off the ground on impact.

Now he tries to find the gap between point and gully but finds point.

Worked away to third man for one. India 88/1 after 11 overs.

13:40 PM
Over 10

FOUR. Width offered outside off and Kohli obliges with a beautiful cut between point and gully for four.

FOUR. He comes down the track this time, and flashes outside off, but times it perfectly between point and gully for four again.

Single now, India 79/1 after 9.4 overs.

10 off the over, India 80/1 after 10 overs.

13:36 PM
Over 9

FOUR. Dhawan clips the ball off his hips for four. This is really a flat pitch, someone can get a big hundred here if they set themselves for it.

End of the over, 5 off it, India 70/1.

13:33 PM
Over 8

SIX! Good length on middle and off, Rohit picks it up and with a furious swing dispatches the ball cleanly over deep midwicket for six. Someone caught it there, a middle aged man having a good time.

SIX! Backfoot pick up pull shot. Just about short, Rohit now plays the perfect pull over Nathan Lyon for four.

FOUR. Slightly slower ball into the ribs, Sharma swivel pulls it past backward point for four, it was in the air for a while but too wide of that fielder.

OUT! Suicide. Richardson has got a wicket he doesn’t deserve. Short and outside leg, Rohit wanted to go for the flick, decided against it too late. The keeper dives and takes the catch, the ball brushed Rohit’s glove on the way. Rohit is furious with himself but it’s too late. 41 off 25. India 65/1 after 8 overs.

13:25 PM
Over 6

SIX. Not great timing once again, but Dhawan has picked up this delivery just well enough for it to bounce just over the square leg fence for a six.

Now he goes for a full blooded drive, but finds short cover again.

FOUR. Again hit in the air at cover, fails to keep it down, but the ball flies through covers for four.

Cut to third man for one.

Rohit gets three by flicking the ball to deep midwicket. India 44/0 after 6 overs.

13:21 PM
Over 5

Shikhar Dhawan is still struggling to find timing. 1 off 4 balls so far in this over.

On the hips and short, but Dhawan only pulls it to long leg for one.

Great stop on the fence, Rohit cut the ball deliberately fine, and almost into the fence before a terrific stop. India 30/0 after 5 overs.

13:17 PM
Over 4

Dhawan nearly plays on to his stumps, and very calmly too. Problems in backfoot defence.

Short, cut hard, but Warner sprawls out at point to stop it.

Almost a yorker, hit to midwicket for one.

India 26/0 after 4 overs.

13:11 PM
Over 2

Richardson to open with Lyon.

Full outside off, Dhawan can only find the cover fielder again. They need to put these balls away.

Short, angling away from Dhawan, one to third man.

Just one off the over, could have been five. India 7/0 after 2.

13:10 PM
Over 3

Rohit tries to take on Lyon against the spin, gets a leading edges that flies over the cover fielders for two.

SIX. Three steps down, Rohit gets it full on the bat and dismisses it over the long on fence.

Now played to short square leg for one.

FOUR. Oh dear, Dhawan drives without feet, gets a leading edge that flies past a diving cover and into the fence! The bats these days.

Now neatly cut away past first slip, runs down for two.

India 24/0 after 3 overs.

13:04 PM
Over 1

Australia are starting with spin wow. Nathan Lyon.

FOUR. Rohit gets the ball to the fence second ball.

Dhawan drives into the covers for no run.

6 off the first over, India 6/0 after 1 over.

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