India v/s Australia 4th ODI Match Commentary: Finch reaches 50, Australia set up for huge total

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the fourth ODI between India and Australia from Canberra.

Steve Smith and MS Dhoni at the toss

Australia have won the toss and decided to bat first.

The Kangaroos have already won the series 3-0. India will for the first time get a chance to bat second in the series. They are playing essentially the same side that played in Melbourne, with the exception of Barinder Sran. Ashwin is still out, but Bhuvneshwar Kumar is in.

For Australia, David Warner is back and Shaun Marsh is out. Sad for Marsh.

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10:26 AM
Over 24

Three off four balls off Dhawan’s over so far. Dhawan has bowled 5.4 overs for 22.

5 off the over, Australia 143/0.

10:20 AM
Over 22

Another direct hit missed, another overthrow. Warner had hit the ball straight to mid off and taken off, the throw was strong but never hit the stumps. Instead Warner got another for the overthrow.

Slower and short outside off, cut to third man for one.

Four off the over, Australia 133/0 after 22 overs.

10:16 AM
Over 21

Good lord. Warner the right hander his cut the ball for two past ‘point’. He completely changed his position as the ball was being bowled.

Warner now gives himself way too much room, and Jadeja bowls it even wider down the leg side for a wide.

Australia 129/0 after 21 overs.

10:12 AM
Over 20

Rishi Dhawan continues his medium pacers. Let’s see how many Australia can get batting first. All the pitches have been similar.

Finch drives Dhawan down the ground and a quick two.

Another couple, this time towards deep cover. Australia are creating themselves a fantastic launching platform.

Short, crashed to short cover, falls just in front of Rahane, whom seems to have hurt his finger.

Australia 125/0 after 20 overs.

10:09 AM
Over 19

Huge turn for Jadeja first up, leading edge into the off side but Australia get two.

Just four off the over, Australia 119/0 after 19.

09:56 AM
It’s overcast in Canberra.

Over 17

Jadeja comes on.

FOUR. Warner reverse sweeps Jaddu for four through what is point for him.

FOUR. Jadeja drops it short, just outside off and Warner crashes it through covers for four.

FOUR. Outside edge on the drive from Warner, the ball flies past gully and the desperately diving fielder.

Single off the last ball, 15 off the over, Australia 112/0.

09:54 AM
Over 16

FOUR. Second boundary off the over. Finch gives himself some room and went over extra cover for a one-bounce four.

Australia 97/0 after 16 overs.

09:50 AM
Over 15

The Aussie openers are knocking the ball around now. Setting up for something big later.

Short, smashed to short midwicket. But falls short of Rohit Sharma.

Three off the over, Australia 87/0 after 15.

09:48 AM
Over 14

SIX. Slog sweep off Gurkeerat gets Warner 50. The ball clears the midwicket fence.

9 off the over, Australia 84/0.

09:44 AM
Over 13

Rishi Dhawan has now been introduced.

Three off the over, Australia 75/0 after 13 overs.

09:40 AM
Over 12

FOUR. Oh. Gurkeerat is the new bowler. Warner tries to sweep him over backward square leg for four, but he cannot get the elevation. Umesh Yadav dives and the ball goes through his hands.

Five off the first over, it’s 72/0.

09:28 AM
Over 10

Ishant is bowling well. 7 off 2.4 overs. 4 of those are off an overthrow.

Now he has bowled 4 balls for just one.

Three runs through midwicket off the penultimate ball spoils that analysis.

Four off the over, Australia 59/0 after 10 overs.

09:24 AM
Over 9

Kumar from the other end.

Finch goes down the track, tees up for the big it, but gets an inside edge that goes to fine leg for one.

Fumble in the field allows a single. Rohit Sharma again.

Just three off the over, Australia 55/0 after 9 overs.

09:21 AM
Over 8

Four dot balls to begin with for Ishant. Can he avoid a mistake by his teammates?

Another ball just outside off, and blocked again by Finch.

Single to short midwicket, almost a replay of the last over Ishant bowled, but this time there is no wild throw. Australia 52/0 after 8 overs.

09:16 AM
Over 7

FOUR. Short from Umesh again, India’s bowling is really terrible. Finch dismisses the ball from his presence.

Slower ball from Umesh, surprises Warner, who stops his cut. The ball flies off the bat to point, where it just drops short of Jadeja.

Australia 51/0 after 7 overs.

09:10 AM
Over 6

Ishant Sharma is into the attack.

Three dot balls from Ishant Sharma. May not last long.

FIVE runs off the last ball after 5 dot balls. Finch pinched a single to the on side, but there was a needless shy at the stumps which resulted in an overthrow for four. Poor Ishant.

09:05 AM
Over 5

FOUR. Warner has come in and gone on a rampage. Pitched up and Warner nearly goes down on one knee to smash it straight down the ground for four.

FOUR. Yadav tries the short ball, and Warner hooks it with gumption for four to fine leg. He was actually beaten by pace there.

FOUR. Ishant Sharma cannot get to it, short on off and pulled away.

Australia 40/0 after 5 overs.

09:01 AM
Over 4

FOUR. Smashed through the off side on the backfoot, too short and wide and crashed between cover and point.

FOUR. Outside off stump, good length, flicked his wrists and hit it through midwicket for four. Warner is on fire.

FOUR. Short outside off now, and Warner mercilessly pulls it away for four.

Single off the last ball, Australia 26/0 after 4 overs.

08:58 AM
Over 3

FOUR. Neat and crisp off drive from Finch, beats mid off easily for four.

Oh, now some prodigious bounce for Yadav, takes off from good length.

Now the ball stops on Warner. The track is a bit up and down it seems.

Finch falls over as he skips to avoid Ishant Sharma’s throw. That was funny. Australia 13/0 after 3 overs.

08:52 AM
Over 2

FOUR. Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets the new ball, and on the legs. Finch flicks it for four.

Good away swing from Bhuvi, Finch gets one to the off side.

BAD fielding. Easy drive through short cover, and the ball goes right through Rohit Sharma’s legs.

Ball comes back in from middle and Warner misses the flick. Ball hits pad and there is an appeal. Australia 7/0 after 2 overs.

08:49 AM
Over 1

Umesh Yadav

Two dot balls to begin with. Deano says he was conceived here.

Fifth ball keeps low and Warner has to defend it down.

Maiden over. Australia 0/0 after 1 over.