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India v/s Australia 3rd ODI Match Commentary: Kohli, Rahane look to accelerate in final 15

Australia captain Steven Smith won the toss and invited India to bat first in the third cricket one-dayer at the MCG in Melbourne on Sunday.

Shikhar Dhawan batting against Australia

In a must-win game to stay alive in the five-match series, India have handed two youngsters ODI debuts with Gurkeerat Singh Mann and Rishi Dhawan inducted into the XI in place of Manish Pandey and Ravichandran Ashwin.

The hosts though have just made one change, with Mitchell Marsh coming in for Joel Paris.

India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c and wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Rishi Dhawan, Ravindra Jadeja, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Barinder Sran.


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Australia: Steve Smith (c), Shaun Marsh, Aaron Finch, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, John Hastings, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Scott Boland, Kane Richardson.

11:43 AM
Over 43

FOUR. What a shot. WHAT A SHOT. How do you clip a near yorker over midwicket for four with a straight bat? But Kohli just did it and the ball raced to the fence. 99.

Single to fine leg and KOHLI HAS GOT A CENTURY. His 24th.

Wide ball, keeper misfields and India get two.

Single to the on side, makes it 9 off the over so far.

10 off the over, India 230/2 after 43 overs.

11:41 AM
Over 42

Two dot balls again for Rahane.

Down the track, pulled to long leg just for one.

Again a single, down to deep midwicket.

Three singles off the over so far.

Down the track, almost hit the square leg umpire with the shot, gets two. 5 off the over. India 220/2.

11:35 AM
Over 41

Kohli gives room, smashes the ball straight to deep cover. He wants two but the ball comes in quick and sharp. Almost a run out.

Inside edge for one.

FOUR. Hip high delivery from Kane Richardson, very good looking jab-pull by Rahane. Perfect balance and the ball speeds to the square leg fence.

Inside edge, he doesn’t know where the ball is, but responds to Kohli’s call and runs anyway.

Dot ball. India 215/2 after 41 overs.

11:33 AM
Over 40

SIX. Down the track, half volley, and Rahane hits it beautifully down the ground. Smack into the railing for six.

Kohli gets a single to point.

India scamper back for two off the last ball, 11 off the over. 207/2 after 40 overs.

11:26 AM
Over 39

Two dot balls for Kohli. This is baffling. Baffling from India.

Just a single to sweeper cover.

Single to short third man.

Just 3 off the over. India 196/2 after 39 overs.

11:22 AM
Over 38

Oh. Rahane was in two minds, whether to dab the ball into the on side, or to play a full stroke. He did neither, and the ball went just wide of a diving George Bailey at short midwicket for one.

One off the last ball, just 4 off the over. India 193/2 after 38 overs.

11:21 AM
Over 37

India need to step on the gas now. Jaffa of a ball from Faulkner first up, who is still chirping with Kohli.

FOUR. Slog. Shot. Mid on and mid off are up and Rahane goes downtown, slugged into the long on fence.

Goes for an upper cut and misses.

Slower ball, Rahane is rapped on the pads and Faulkner appeals like there is no tomorrow.

Just 5 off the over, India 189/2.

11:11 AM
Over 36

Boland is the new bowler.

Kohli goes down the track, miscues, and Shaun Marsh misreads where it was going to land. He remained rooted his place, rushed in late. Two runs.

SIX. Ohhhhhhhhh…going, going…gone! Deano says. Big six by Kohli. Clinical violence.

Brilliant running, two off the last ball, big over for India, 12 off it. India 184/2.

11:07 AM
Over 35

One off five balls of the over so far. India need to start attacking now.

Some banter between Faulkner and Kohli.

Ajinkya tries a cut and misses. Great over. 172/2 after 35.

10:58 AM
Over 33

FOUR. Kohli takes one step out and smashes the ball past a bewildered extra cover for four. Like a rocket.

Needless throw at the stumps goes as overthrows and India get one.

Another straight dive, Faulkner deflects the ball again, doesn’t hit the stumps.

End of the over, 6 off it. India 164/2.

10:57 AM
Over 32

Maxwell has been driven for 2 runs off three balls so far.

Good drive from Rahane,two runs.

Hit straight back to Maxwell.

One off the last ball, 4 of the over. India 158/2.

10:50 AM
Over 30

Down the track but Kohli hits straight to the bowler.

4 runs off the over so far.

5 off the over, India 147/2 after 30.

10:47 AM
Over 29

Two off three balls off this over.

Kohli goes after a wily wide one from John Hastings and misses.

I think Dhawan gave his wicket away for the team. I would have been easy to attempt a century to get both form and fame back into his game. But he chose to attack knowing it was necessary.

Just 3 off the over, India 142/2 after 29 overs.

10:44 AM
Over 28

Two runs off the first two balls of Maxwell’s over.

Short and Kohli pulls to long on for one.

5 off the over, not very convincingly. India 139/2 after 28 overs.

10:41 AM
Over 27

Hastings comes back, bowls slow and wide, and Kohli cuts past point for two.

FOUR. What a shot haha. Slower ball from Hastings, Dhawan was deceived, he made room by moving outside off and trying to go big. Ball hits top edge of the bat and flies over the keeper for four!

OUT! Tries the same shot again, but this time the ball is much fuller and quicker, and crashes into middle and leg stump. Dhawan gone for 68, dies for the cause of the team.

India 134/2.

First ball to Rahane keeps low and he leaves. India 134/2 after 27.

10:34 AM
Over 26

Short ball rushes onto Kohli, he pulls awkwardly for one.

FOUR. Slog sweep on the front foot, biffed over the midwicket fielder for four.

Down the track, but the length is shortened and Dhawan leaves. India 127/1 after 26 overs.

10:30 AM
Over 24

FOUR. Dhawan has slog swept Maxwell over square leg for four. 100 of the partnership comes up.

India 119/1 after 24 overs.

10:23 AM
Over 23

Dhawan drives Maxwell through the diving cover fieldsman, two runs.

FOUR. Slog sweep by Dhawan, and on a short ground this would have been six for sure. Boundary to deep midwicket.

50 for Kohli, with a drive to deep midwicket.

50 for Dhawan, huge relief, 76 balls but he had to strike some form at some point. The crowd loves it. 111/1 after 23 overs.

10:20 AM
Over 22

Shortish outside off, Kohli slashes, the ball flies past point and past a diving fielder, for two.

FOUR. This one’s going for four. JUST. Similar ball to the second one of the over, and Kohli timed it better this time and down the ground. The ball seemed to be speeding to the fence, but Maxwell’s dive almost stopped the boundary. Almost. 100 up.

Very quick two runs, Deano is very happy. The crowd is excited. A Kohli chant goes up.

8 off the over, India 102/1.

10:12 AM
Over 20

Kohli drives into the on side and gets a quick two.

5 runs off 5 balls of the over as Kohli runs another quick single.

Dot ball, 5 off the over, India 85/1 after 20

10:08 AM
Over 19

Mitchell Marsh is the new bowler.

Two runs off the first four balls.

Three off the over, India 80/1 after 19 overs.

10:00 AM
Over 18

Dhawan goes for a pull off a bouncer, but its the slower ball and also kept low. Dhawan missed.

Shikhar drives neatly to point and Smith dives to stop it.

FOUR. Typical hard Dhawan shot. Ball on the hips, and Dhawan pulls it hard for four to fine leg.

India 77/1 after 18 and its drinks.

09:55 AM
Over 17

Three runs off five balls of the Maxwell over.

Ball on leg, Kohli sweeps hard but finds deep square leg. Just one. India 71/1 after 17 overs.

09:52 AM
Over 16

Beautiful shot by Kohli and well fielded in the covers by Finch.

This is where I think India miss a trick. They have to attack in these overs. The two batsmen are well set now.

Single to deep cover and 50 partnership between Kohli and Dhawan is up.

Dhawan down the track, Faulkner bowls short and smashes Dhawan in the glove. He had no time to complete even his pull shot.

Dhawan now pulls from the crease. A single. India 67/1 after 16 overs.

09:46 AM
Over 14

James Faulkner.

Four dot balls.

Two off the last 2 balls. India 58/1 after 14.

09:44 AM
Over 13

Glenn Maxwell coming into the attack.

Dhawan gets a single off the second ball.

Kohli gets a single off the third.

On the pads, Dhawan flicks it away for two to fine leg.

5 off the over, India 56/1 after 13 overs.

09:36 AM
Over 11

Scott Boland is going to bowl. Where will he land his balls?

Single by Dhawan off the third ball. Boland is bo-ling a stump to stump line at the moment.

Virat Kohli is the fastest to reach 7000 ODI runs. In just 161 innings.

Pulled away for one. 3 off the over. India 46/1 after 11 overs.

09:32 AM
Over 10

Kohli leans forward into a half volley and drives well to wide mid off. Fielder dives and misfields, India get one.

Dhawan drives, and now another misfield in the covers. Another single.

Down the track Dhawan, and only manages a cut to third man for one.

FOUR. Pitched on leg, and Kohli flicks it very fine and very quickly for four. 7000 ODI runs for Virat Kohli.

09:27 AM
Over 9

FOUR. Full on off, and Kohli on drives it perfectly through wide mid on for four. One of the shots of the series so far.

Drives again through the leg side, not timed as well and this is through midwicket. Three runs.

Dhawan drives through covers again but finds short cover. India 35/1 after 9 overs.

09:23 AM
Over 8

JUST SHORT. Could have been curtains for Dhawan. Short ball bouncer, chest high, Dhawan pulls, gets a top edge and the ball lands just away from the hands of a diving short square leg that was running outward.

Dhawan cuts hard for two after Kohli drives for three in the deep. The partnership is slowly finding its feet.

Lets the next ball go. India 28/0 after 8 overs.

09:19 AM
Over 7

Kohli tries to pull A ball which is hip high and on middle and leg, only gets an edge to short square leg.

Single to third man by Dhawan.

The pitch seems to be holding up a bit.

Shortish and on middle, Dhawan goes for a pull, gets an inside edge onto pad that flies to third man for one. India 22/1 after 7 overs.

09:11 AM
Over 5

Rohit drives back hard at Richardson and he puts in a diving stop. Winces in pain.

OUT! Bad shot. Almost a wasteful dismissal. Just outside off and didn’t swing much, but Sharma stuck his bat out and got a nick straight to the keeper. Was probably trying to run it down to third man. India 15/1.

Virat Kohli has come in earlier than usual.

Just one off the over, India 16/1 after 5 overs.

09:06 AM
Over 4

FOUR. Sliced over mid on. Dhawan looked to be aiming to go over extra cover initially, but then changed his shot. Not a bad ball either.

Wide and full, Dhawan slaps it straight to short cover.

India 15/0 after 4 overs.

09:02 AM
Over 3

Just one off five balls. Dhawan has now played 3 ordinary balls to the fielders.

India 10/0 after 3 overs.

08:59 AM
Over 2


Bit of hesitation from Dhawan, he wanted to play the ball and then decided against it. Wisely so.

Down the leg side two consecutive balls. Twice it hits Dhawan’s pad and he can’t get it away.

FOUR. Now that’s a class drive. Absolutely picture perfect straight drive. The ball was in the slot too. India 9/0 after 2 overs.

08:52 AM
Over 1

Three off the first five balls of the first over.

India 3/0 after 1 over.

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