Rahul Gandhi hits out at BJP govt over GST bill, Pathankot terror attack during speech at B-school

Mumbai: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi interacted with the management students of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) here on Saturday.

Gandhi spoke about the impending GST bill that has the BJP and Congress blaming each other for the delay “The BJP stopped the GST in Parliament for seven years. Arun Jaitley and PM Modi, they did not let the GST pass,” he said.

“Functioning of GST requires huge infrastructure, the work has not even begun for that. Government should begin that work,” he added.

“The Congress party actually brought the GST to the table, it was conceptualised and designed by us,” he said.

He spoke about Congress issues with the GST, “There are three issues with regards to GST where we differ with the BJP. We dont want a GST where there is no cap on taxes. We want a limitation on maximum tax that can be charged to the people,” Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi also spoke about the DDCA scam. “I don’t think politicians should be anywhere near the administration of cricket” he said.

He said that Arun Jaitley once gave an interview in England where he said that it is a strategy of BJP to block Parliament.

He also added that there was never a discussion between him and Arun Jaitley on the GST bill. “Jaitleyji came to see me and press stated that he talked to me about GST, actually he came to invite me for his daughter’s wedding. Only conversation about GST that was held was him saying ‘GST is good’, which I already know and he doesn’t have to tell me,” he said.

He also hit out at the Centre’s way of dealing with Pathankot, “You have an attack in Pathankot, who is dealing with it? NSG have to deal with it not NSA. Govt handles things like they are event based not strategy based. The power of our institutions is not being utilised. NSA’s job is not to develop tactics but to build strategy,” he said.

“Difference between the BJP and us is that they categorise, there is a Hindu for them, Sikh for them. For me there is only “Indians”, nobody else. It is not the way of Congress to block the Parliament, it will never be that way,” he said.

Gandhi will hold a ‘padyatra’ from Bandra Bandstand to Dharavi. Security has been tightened up by the Mumbai police.

According to senior police officials, police personnel in plain clothes will be posted at all venues where Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit and traffic diversions will me made according to the requirement. Rahul, whose foreign trips in the past have led to intense speculation, returned from his trip to Europe on Sunday
with PTI/ANI