Apple is dominating the SmartWatch industry

Jupiter research released data that shows the current trending smartwatches. The report states that Apple Watches accumulated about 52% of global smartwatch shipments last year, despite only launching in April. This dwarfed Android Wear, which only consisted of about 10% of global sales.
Apple’s biggest competitor and former sales leader, Samsung didn’t do that well either. The Tizen-powered Gear S2 smartwatch was not received well globally although, it should be noted that the smartwatch was only available for purchase in November.

The remaining smartwatch sales come from a range of relatively newcomers like Martian and Razor that develop devices which are far cheaper and do not offer the same array of application that you see from Apple and Samsung.

Apple sold about four million units of smartwatches in the fourth quarter of last year and is estimating sales of another 10 million units for 2016.