Hrithik is happy for me: Sunaina Roshan

Hrithik Roshan’s sister and Rakesh Roshan’s daughter Sunaina has had a turbulent personal life. She’s fought her way through two failed marriages, a broken engagement and cancer. Last year there were reports that she was dating childhood friend Subir Dhar but she had said he was just a childhood friend. She had told DNA After Hrs (October 20, 2015) that while she was in a relationship with someone, she couldn’t tell us his name. On Tuesday at Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar launch she walked in holding hands with architect Bharat Kapoor.

Sunaina tells us, “Yes I have found love again. These last few years have been very traumatic for me. My life went haywire for a bit but now it’s on track once again. Bharat and I met almost 10 months ago when we were at a pathology lab where we had gone for some tests. I have known him since my college days. We kept meeting after that and then we started dating for almost a year. Our families have met each other and approve. My family adores him. Our families have met each other. Hrithik is very happy for me. Bharat is a very strong man dedicated to his work.”

She adds that contrary to her past relationships this one is here to stay. “I am very confident about him and our relationship. Bharat is an amazing man. For me he is the complete man. What attracted me to him is that we always have lots to talk about. He stays in Juhu close to my home, so I meet him every day. We have both been divorced so we know what relationships and marriage mean to us. We have both gone through a lot in life. Bharat and I are in this not for a casual fling. We have known each other for 20 odd years. Once we started dating we knew it will go somewhere. Our relationship is here to stay.”
Is marriage next on the cards? She laughs, “Well I am hoping he will propose on my birthday (January 22) this year!”