LIVE India v/s Australia 2nd ODI Match Commentary: Kohli run out against run of play

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the 2nd ODI between India and Australia at Brisbane.

Rohit Sharma

India have won the toss and chosen to bat first.

Australia won the first ODI by 5 wickets, chasing down India’s 309 in the final over. Captain Steve Smith made a fine 149 while George Bailey also made a century. Rohit Sharma’s 171* was in vain.

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For India, debutante Barindar Sran was the pick of the bowlers with three wickets, including two early strikes.

Overall though, India will be worried about two issues – the performance of their spinners R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, and the fact that they still struggle to accelerate in the slog overs, a trend that has continued from the World Cup.


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Australia have brought in Richardson for Hazlewood, Marsh for Warner, and Hastings for Marsh. For India, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is out following a poor showing in Perth and Ishant Sharma is in.

10:49 AM
Over 30

Maxwell is bowling really well. Two dot balls.

Now a drive down the ground for one.

Oh. Rohit goes inside out, the ball lands in front of a long on that was rushing in.

4 off the over again, India 166/2.

10:42 AM
Over 28

Three runs from five balls so far this over.

Single to the deep, India get 4 singles.

155/1 after 28 overs.

10:40 AM
Over 27

John Hastings is the bowler.

For some reason the crowd is very excited now.

5 off the over, India 151/2 after 27 overs.

10:37 AM
Over 26

Two singles from three balls. Scott Boland is back.

Rahane drives straight back at Boland and gets a bit of action from the bowler.

4 off the over, India 146/2 after 26 overs.

10:30 AM
Over 25

FOUR. Good lord. So close to the stumps. A centimetre or two from the stumps off that Rohit inside edge. Two set batsmen in two overs would have been a heist. The ball runs away fine for four.

Hastings is mad.

Beautiful cover drive from Rohit gets two. India 142/2 after 25 overs.

10:25 AM
Over 24

Two off the first ball of the 24th over, one off the second.

FOUR. Down the track, ball outside off and full, and Kohli drives firmly for four through covers.

OUT! Run out against the run of play! Kohli is short. Gifted his wicket away just when India were starting to attack. He pulled to long leg and set off, called Rohit for the second, and then was run out to a sharp throw. Even the famous Kohli dive wasn’t enough.

India’s run rate was moving towards six. Now we just don’t know.

India 134/2 after 24 overs. Ajinkya Rahane is the new batsman.

10:22 AM
Over 23

SIX! What a terrific shot by Rohit! On the front foot, short ball, and Rohit has hit that right off the meat of the bat, into the midwicket fence, flat six.

Wide ball next from Richardson.

SIX! Now Richardson goes full, and Rohit smashes him straight down the ground for six. Pure hit again, much fun.

Two singles off the last two balls. 15 off the over, India 125/1 after 23.

10:17 AM
Over 22

Very good running from Virat Kohli. Running hard to the danger end after tapping the ball to mid off. He even comes back for the second on the overthrow.

Wasim said, ‘Run Virat run’. Lol.

India need to start attacking.

FOUR. Now some signs of aggression. Down the track, good length on middle and Kohli smacks it through a diving cover for four.

50 for Virat Kohli also.

India 110/1 after 22 overs.

10:11 AM
Over 20

India are dealing in singles now. 2 singles off 4 balls.

Again, on the pads, Rohit can’t put it away for four.

Inside edge, played without feet, almost onto the stumps. India 99/1 after 20 overs.

10:05 AM
Over 19

Single to the on side and Rohit Sharma gets to 50.

India will look to Rohit for the big hundred. Only issue might be the pace of his innings.

No run off the last ball, India 97/1 after 19 overs.

09:59 AM
Over 18

Maxwell continues, a single off the first ball. India have to exploit him.

FOUR. Sweep shot to deep square leg. Kohli finally gets Maxwell away.

Down the track in a hurry, and Kohli hits straight on the bounce to short cover.

Swept uppishly over square leg, the ball loses momentum and bounces backwards as it lands, two runs. 10 off the over.

India 92/1 after 18 overs.

09:54 AM
Over 17

Three runs off three balls off the over. Faulkner is the new bowler.

India have to ensure they get enough runs in these middle overs.

FOUR. Short, sits up a bit, and Rohit pulls it hard to the on side fence.

End of the over, India 82/1.

09:52 AM
Over 16

Down the track comes Kohli, no run.

Oh. Rohit drives in the air, it drops just short of Finch at cover point.

Rohit is missing out on some Maxwell dollies today.

India 74/1 after 16 overs.

09:49 AM
Over 15

Kohli swivel pulls Scott Boland for one.

Just 3 off the over, India 72/1 after 15 overs.

09:46 AM
Over 14

Off spinner Glenn Maxwell into the attack.

Outside leg, Rohit can only sweep it to fine leg for one. The old timers would have been furious.

Another ball on leg stump, swept to long leg for one.

FOUR. This time the ball is straighter, Rohit sweeps, gets a bottom edge and the ball goes fine for four.

On the legs again and straight to square leg.

Flighted delivery, inside out drive, straight to cover point. Lots of missed chances this over for Rohit. India 69/1 after 14.

09:43 AM
Over 13

Oh. Now Kohli gets an outside edge, but he has played with soft hands and it lands halfway between the batsman and Smith at first slip.

Ball rises on Sharma, he however is able to keep it down for a single to third man.

Kohli flicks to backward square leg and calls for two, they run very fast.

India 63/2 after 13 overs.

09:39 AM
Over 12

FOUR. Beautiful straight drive from Virat Kohli, leans into the ball on off stump, drives picture perfect down the ground.

50 partnership comes up with a single from Kohli.

India 59/1 after 12 overs.

09:30 AM
Over 10

Now Rohit tries to drive Hastings into oblivion, not the greatest ball but Rohit is losing focus.

Slashed hard Rohit, and gets a single to third man.

Just one off the over. India 47/1 after 10 overs.

09:26 AM
Over 9

Scott Boland is the new bowler.

Beaten by late swing, was Rohit, he hung his bat out just outside off.

FOUR. Wild shot, a pull almost out of anger, huge top edge, the ball flies towards third man. But it is fine and he cannot get around for a catch. He then fumbles and allows a boundary.

Another loose shot from Rohit, driving on the backfoot without foot movement. He’s lost his concentration a bit.

India 46/1 after 9 overs.

09:24 AM
Over 8

Hastings has been brought into the attack, quite hastily.

Sharply brought in, Rohit misses the flick, big appeal, no run.

One to backward point.

India 41/1 after 8 overs.

09:15 AM
Over 7

Rohit has 21 in 21 suddenly.

Kohli drives well into the covers but straight to cover.

Swivel pulled in front of midwicket for two.

Brain fade? Kohli rushes down the track, slower one, he inside edges it to backward short leg, no run.

India 38/1 after 7 overs.

09:13 AM
Over 6

Richardson continues in his pure fast bowler’s avatar.

FOUR. Wide, slightly short, and Rohit has just taken the cover off it as he smashed it through point. It was imperious, up in the air but went so fast that Maxwell at backward point didn’t even have time to think.

SIX. The bats are so amazing these days that a top-edged flick from the hips goes for six behind the wicket, even at the Gabba. Rohit is delighted.

India 34/1 after 6 overs.

09:09 AM
Over 5

Wide ball, then a tap into the covers for one.

OH. Big outside edge from Kohli, he went for a hard front foot defence. It bounces a long way in front of Steve Smith at first slip, and Deano is angry with the bounce.

India 23/1 after 5 overs.

09:03 AM
Over 4

FOUR. Haha. Too short, too wide from Kane Richardson. Rohit is half forward, half back, and he slashes it over point and past an on rushing third man for four.

Beautiful cover drive this time from Rohit, pierces the off side with ease, and only the HUGE boundary prevents the boundary, if you will. 3 runs.

Now Kohli gets a single to long leg.

India 19/1 after 4 overs.

09:00 AM
Over 3

FOUR. Width, Shikhar Dhawan just dismisses it through the covers for four in a rage.

OUT! Gone, bad shot. This was slightly shorter than the previous one. Width again, but Shikhar is half-forward for this cut, and a big edge takes it easily to the keeper.

Virat Kohli comes in.

Dhawan’s tragic run continues.

Kohli drives for two. India 11/1 after 3 overs.

08:57 AM
Over 2

Kane Richardson is the new bowler. Looks a bit like a Greek god. Bowls a wide first ball. No, almost.

Decent carry and bounce on this wicket, but not the greatest Gabba wicket ever.

Another inside edge from Rohit.

Dean Jones remembers the Gabba of the time he played in. Needless to say the bounce was much greater.

Rohit hangs his bat outside, hint of swing, no run. Maiden over, India 5/0 after 2 overs.

08:54 AM
The first over is underway.

Over 1

Joel Paris to Rohit Sharma, underedge onto the pads from Sharma and the ball trickles away.

Gentle pick up shot over the on side for two, but the ball slows down after landing. Two runs.

Ah, outside edge this time, some good movement from middle and leg outwards, and Rohit’s feet weren’t in the best position as he tried to play this onto the on side. One run.

Short, wide, Dhawan slaps it past point, and gets two as the third man comes rushing in.

India 5/0 after 1 over.