Zodiac Alert: What Your Zodiac Says About Your Beauty Regime

‘NEW DELHI: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, as it goes. That being said, try following a daily beauty routine, to look your best, which in turn will make you feel good. Don’t go by the existing trends in beauty just because they’re in right now. Instead, delve into your personality and reflect it in your style statement.

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Everyone is endowed with natural beauty, and it’s interesting to learn that your beauty is influenced by your star sign. Just like good luck and misfortune, beauty-related traits are influenced by your zodiac sign. Here’s how.


If you belong to this star sign, you’ll only need a couple of touch ups to enhance your look. All you require is a lip gloss to accentuate your lips, and mascara for those dazzling eyes. Being a fire symbol, a hot-headed Arian, you’re prone to breakouts of acne and rashes.

It would be wise to cool your body down with substances like aloe vera, cucumber, rose, and chamomile. A red shade, maybe for eyeshadow, is sure to enhance your look.


As a Taurean, your eyes are your greatest assets. Shades like olive on your eyelids and lower eyelashes will lend you a stunning look. If you’ve got dry or itchy skin, follow a regular exfoliation program using coconut oil and organic sugar. You can enhance your femininity by slipping on a couple of neck accessories.


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What sets you apart is your ability to adapt and your quick wit. Meditative shades of purple and yellow are the best way to add radiance to your personality. You can accentuate your persona with a fragrant perfume, based on your tastes, which is sure to set you apart.


For an accentuated look, be liberal with your use of textures. Brush up those rosy cheeks with a lovely pink gloss to brighten up your smile. Since most Cancers have sensitive skin, geranium oil is a great companion to have around, as it moisturises incredibly well.


Your star sign signifies courage and valour, and that’s why fiery shades of red and orange work best for you. The power that is associated with your zodiac sign can be easily brought out by doing up your eyes, and gilded eyes are a great way to look regal.


The perfectionist in you constantly stresses you out, and that’s why you require a host of calming products to relax. So pamper yourself using rose and camomile. Peaches, pinks, and blues are the best way to highlight your personality.

Your skin is your forte, so ensure that you take care of it well and moisturise it regularly.


You are a romantic person at heart, and have the tendency of winning over anyone you come in contact with. A framed-eyeliner look is all it takes to express yourself effectively. Pink, aqua, and yellow are your colours, so wear them proudly and the spotlight will stay on you!


A passionate personality coupled with a stubborn attitude define you. Thanks to this mix, you always manage to make heads turn. Try getting a sandalwood or patchouli oil massage to soften your body and relax your muscles. Warm shades of berry and burgundy are the ideal match for your enigmatic personality.


As adventurous as you are, impatience is often your downfall. So if you’re following a skincare routine, ensure that you stick to it. Bold eyebrows are a great way to free your natural spirit.


You’re often more careful than other zodiac signs and used to going with looks that have been tried and tested. Shades of brown are the best way to accentuate your look, and shimmery accents double up as eye catchers. Get a relaxing aromatherapy facial as soon as possible, it’ll work wonders for you.


You’re someone who likes to be a little bold. How about putting on a pair of bright-blue lenses to bring out your inner aquarius? Since your sign is more inclined to being experimental, see what’s trending and rock the look.


Daydreaming is your passion and soft, pastel shades are your best bet. Your drive to be selfless often takes a toll on your physicality. So a relaxing massage is the best way to sort yourself out. Your hair is a plus point, so take care of those locks and flaunt them with style. If you aren’t sure how, you can use UrbanClap app, a trending lifestyle app, to find a stylist who can help out.

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This should have given you a fair idea of how your zodiac sign affects your looks. Follow these guidelines, and you’re sure to find an ensemble that expresses your personality to the fullest.