A new low powered Wi-Fi that enables smart appliances to communicate

With the growing demand for everything ‘smart’ and IoT (Internet of Things), a big problem arises. Most IoT devices like fitness trackers or smart wearables cannot sustain the high powered Wi-Fi signal that we use today. So, Wi-Fi Alliance, a nonprofit international association that certifies interoperability of Wi-Fi products, has made a low-powered Wi-Fi solution that will let IoT devices run for a very long time with just a single charge.

Wi-Fi Alliance
The technology is called Wi-Fi HaLow and it operates in a frequency band below one gigahertz. That may sound a little underwhelming but the said technology is going to have longer range and require lower power.

Wi-Fi HaLow pronounced “Wi-Fi halo”, will have nearly twice the range of the conventional Wi-Fi we used today and will also be able to penetrate through wall easier. Wi-Fi HaLow will also integrate existing technology that consumers have become accustomed to like strong government-grade security, easy setup and interoperability.
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“Wi-Fi HaLow is well suited to meet the unique needs of the Smart Home, Smart City, and industrial markets because of its ability to operate using very low power, penetrate through walls, and operate at significantly longer ranges than Wi-Fi today,” said President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, Edgar Figueroa. He added, “Wi-Fi HaLow expands the unmatched versatility of Wi-Fi to enable applications from small, battery-operated wearable devices to large-scale industrial facility deployments – and everything in between.”
If the all goes as planned we will see Wi-Fi HaLow in fitness trackers, home sensors, baby monitors, smart sunglasses and a cluster of other single-purpose smart gadgets that are rolling out everyday.