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Samsung wows CES 2016 with VR controller, fitness belt and smartwatch convertor

Samsung might be one of the many big names at CES 2016, but it wasn’t so much the large announcements on stage that wowed attendees. That feat was eventually achieved by a few never-spoken-of products from well out of left field. The only thing connecting these products, is that they’ve all been birthed by the genius minds of Samsung’s Creatve Labs, an incubator and testing centre for experimental products within the company.

Welt fitness tracker
Welt is a wearable fitness tracker that you cinch around your waist instead of your wrist. But while last year’s CES gave us Belty, a metallic, rotorized belt that adjusts itself as you grow fatter, this device takes a more subtle path. It looks just like a standard leather belt, but has a variety of sensors behind the buckle, as well as a microUSB charging port. Welt, or Wellness Belt, pairs with a smartphone app that measures your waistline, counts your steps and even uses readings of pressure from your stomach on the belt to tell you when you’re eating too much. Uhh..thanks? And while the product has not yet been officially announced, the team says it hopes to be selling Wet to consumers very soon.

Rink VR controller
Virtual Reality may be making it’s steady (and slow) way to consumers, but the Oculus Touch is the only VR controller we’ve seen so far. Even that’s been stuck in development, expected to ship even later than the incredibly expensive Oculus Rift.

But Samsung hasn’t been idle; the RInk is a controller that you slip your hands into, with a base reference unit on the front. It offers full 360–degree motion and uses finger tracking for Samsung’s smartphone-based VR device, the Gear VR.

Tip Talk
This device is a smart strap, loaded with wireless connectivity, calling features, notifications and fitness trackers, that you can attach to an existing analog watch. And while we have already seen this sort of watch convertor before, it’s got another trick up its sleeve. You can make and take calls with the Tip Talk without using a speaker or headset. With the device on your wrist, simply hold your finger up to your ear like a childhood game of telephone. Tip Talk transfers the vibrations from the device, to your wrist, and up to your ear through your finger, letting you have a conversation in utmost privacy even in a crowded room .

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