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Beware of fake Muslims like Kejriwal,BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj says

Meerut(TNN): Muslims are not bad, but it’s the fake Muslims like Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar who are real threat to the nation,” said Sakshi Maharaj, Lok Sabha MP from Unnao, who was speaking at the 3rd ‘Sant Samagam’ organized by Mahant Mahender Das ji Maharaj of Shani Dham temple in Meerut. During his address to the congregation, Sakshi Maharaj touched upon almost every controversy that raised political tempers in the recent past.

He said, “Uttar Pradesh government is the most communal government so far. Otherwise how can you explain that when Kamlesh Tiwari, a Hindu, leader when speaks against Prophet Muhammad is put behind bars but when a few Muslim leaders at Bijnor announce a reward of Rs 51 lakh to anyone who brings the head of Tiwari, they are not touched at all by the administration?”

He further stated, “Kamlesh Tiwari made the statement 45 days ago. If reaction had to happen it would have happened close to that date. Now after 45 days, 2.5 lakh Muslims ransack a police station and destroy public property in Malda. This is clear reflection of the fact that West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee is behind the incident to consolidate her vote bank in the forthcoming assembly elections.”
Talking about Muslims, he continued, “Get the DNA test conducted of any Muslim in India and he will have a Hindu origin.”
On intolerance, he said, “We who wear saffron are religious leaders but we are labelled as saffron terrorists. We talk about world peace but a few dogs say we are intolerant. Let me ask where have those dogs disappeared soon after the Bihar elections got over?”
A large number of sants from Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, participated in the event. Continuing his tirade, Sakshi Maharaj also said, “In every state we are in power, cow slaughter has been effectively banned. In Haryana, a culprit can get life sentence if charges are proved against him. We are determined to get it banned in the entire country sooner or later.”

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