Pathankot terror attack – Manohar Parrikar says all 6 militants killed; admits to gaps in security

NEW DELHI(PTI): Six militants who attacked Pathankot air base have been confirmed killed, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Tuesday, adding that a four-day-old operation to secure the compound was still under way.

 Manohar Parrikar ANI Twitter
Addressing reporters at the base near the border with Pakistan, Parrikar said Indian security forces “have done an excellent job containing these highly motivated terrorists”.

He also said that there are some indications that material that has been recovered so far is made in Pakistan.

“NIA already has started the investigation, since the operation is still on. I would not like to conclude on that and let NIA collect information,” Parrikar said. “Security personnel killed in the attack will get ‘battle casualty status’ and all its benefits. I see some gaps, that will be cleared after the investigation is over. but I don’t think we have made any compromise on security,” he added.

“My worry was how they have (terrorists) managed to come inside (IAF base). Though I congratulate security forces for containing them in a and not allowing them to go beyond that corner,” he said.

He added that the BSF has already been asked to give details of areas from where terrorists could have entered.