3 gorgeous hairstyles you can try for New Year’s Eve

Hair vlogger Kayley Melissa has come up with an intricate braided style perfect for a sophisticated New Year’s Eve. It involves back-combing a front section of the hair to create volume, sectioning it off to create three buns in a vertical line down the back of the head and pinning them in place, twisting the strands for a ‘plaited’ Mohawk effect. This is the perfect style for those with longer hair, which will allow enough knots to really give the look volume and drama.

Wavy side braid
For a pretty and unique look, Jackie Wyers has come up with the ‘Wavy Braid’. To achieve the look, prep the hair with dry shampoo to absorb oil and create texture, before moving all the hair to one side, leaving a few tendrils loose. Then weave the hair into a braid, pulling out sections as you go for a waved effect. Use curlers on the loose strands framing the face and add a sparkly accessory for a polished party look.



Bohemian crown
For a fairytale style follow Lilith Moon’s advice and opt for this bohemian-style updo. Section off the hair to create a slim reverse fishtail plait on one side of the head, tugging at the sides to make it appear wider and making sure to leave two sections loose at the front. Then tie these sections to the back of the head and flip the ponytail into a twist. Bring the fishtail across the back of the head and secure it in place, before plaiting the remaining hair and wrapping it over the head to create a ‘crown’.