Mann Ki Baat, Govt to announce action plan for ‘Startup India’ on Jan 16: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Addressing the 15th edition of the Mann ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday highlighted the importance of festivals for the Indian economy. 


“We celebrated Christmas, and are now geared up for New Year. India is a country with festival driven economy,” he said while addressing the last Mann ki Baat for the year. 

Wishing the nation on the occasion of New Year, Modi expressed hoped that the world would be free of terrorism, global warming, environmental degradation, man-made disasters. 

Modi also highlighted the need to pay attention to cleanliness in India’s tourist destinations.

Talking about start-ups, Modi said that on January 16, 2015, the government is coming out with an action plan, adding, “Universities & youth will be connected with this programme.”

11:24 AM

We are marking the 125th birth anniversary of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. There was also a dignified discussion in Parliament about this: Modi

January 26 is Republic Day. Can this Day join people with the system and system with people?

Duties are never discussed. They are only discussed during elections when people talk about the duty to vote: Modi

Let us have competitions, essays, debates etc. in schools and colleges on January 26 on the issue of duties: PM Modi

I want to know what the young generation thinks about this. Articles, discussions, debates can be had in English, Hindi or other language.

Modi says people can share your thoughts or work on We should make a pledge on Republic Day to keep the surroundings clean. We should especially focus on cleanliness of areas which house statues of icons like Babasaheb Ambedkar.


11:21 AM

PM once again speaks about LPG subsidy and how it is sometimes given to those who do not need it.

Our Direct Benefit Transfer scheme is the largest such scheme in the world. 15 crore people have become beneficiaries of Pahal scheme. 15 crore people have begun tor receive the amount in their bank accounts without any hassle.

MNREGA wages now gets directly transferred to bank accounts of people: Modi

Under different schemes, Rs 40,000 crore has been transferred to people’s bank accounts.


11:18 AM

Due to heavy floods in Tamil Nadu and especially Chennai, I could not attend Sugamya Bharat programme for the disabled: Modi

When we come to know of disabled people, we realise that they have some different strengths that we do not. This is how God compensates them: PM Modi

Instead of ‘Viklaang’, we should the word ‘Divyaang’ to describe disability, since these people have special abilities: Modi

There is a need for technology and innovation in order to provide various amenities for people with special abilities. I invite everyone to take part in contributing to this cause, says PM.


11:14 AM

Startup India is not only about IT. It is not just the youth of big cities who should benefit from Startup and Standup India. It should percolate every town and village of the country: Modi

January 12 is the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Every year a youth festival is held on this occasion since 1995. This time it will be held in Chhattisgarh from Jan 12 to 16.

It will present a picture of Mini India, Young India: Modi

I want your suggestions for this youth festival. Please send your suggestions on Narendra Modi App: Modi


11:11 AM

I have spoken about Startup India. Can India become the startup capital of the world?: Modi

On January 16, government will launch Startup India, Standup India plans. There will be live connectivity at IITs, IIMs and other institutions for this launch: Modi


11:09 AM

Be it providing insurance facilities or banking services, people are doing a lot in India. MUDRA scheme is very useful.

The whole world is now practising Yoga, it has raised the image of India in the world.

Cleanliness has become a household topic, says Modi. People’s participation is increasing.

Ever since we have pledged to provide electricity within 1000 days in a villages, people’s enthusiasm has increased. The media should highlight this issue.

The work done and achievements of the government should reach poor people, women etc in villages. They should be aware of their rights. This is also a form of service.

I cannot do everything alone: Modi.

You can access me through the Narendra Modi app. Please join hands in the effort to convey their rights and ongoing work to people.


11:02 AM

We believe in ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. The media keeps highlighting stories of clean India from various small parts of the country. 

There is a need to pay attention to cleanliness in our tourist destinations.

Modi congratulates Dilip Singh Malaviya from a small village who undertook cleaning of many toilets in the village. He says there are many such Dilip Singhs in the country.



11:00 AM

PM Modi addresses the nation in Mann Ki Baat, wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

He says may the New Year bring relief from calamities, terrorism, and other problems.

Modi says festivals in India are also good for the economy as they are a source of employment in various occupations.